Hitting the reset button…

After days of thinking I decided to put up my own Spurs blog site yet again! Whether this is the right idea remains to be seen. But I love writing and blogging on things about the Spurs and for me those are good enough reasons to push through with this.

Here’s to hoping that this time things will be greater and bigger. All that said, I want to thank my Project Spurs Family for all the support they have given me, I wish them all the best!

But now it’s time to hit the reset button and try to reinvigorate from something old and make a new one! And this is where Spurs World comes in! Welcome friends, readers, sports and basketball lovers.

This is Spurs World! Feel free to send your suggestions and comments at the comment section. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Hitting the reset button…

  1. Great job on the site! Keep it up! I like the way you put captions to the photos on you’re latests post. Nice touch!:)

  2. This site is awesome! I enjoy the articles you are putting up. Go Spurs Go! By the way, this Super Manu picture is great!

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