Possible trade scenarios for the Spurs

With the San Antonio Spurs already out in the playoffs, here are some trade deals that they could possibly make to try to improve their roster in the offseason.

Here are four scenarios.

Richard Jefferson for Paul Millsap

Why it might work? I know this like a pipe dream, and it looks like a one-sided deal for the Spurs.

However, the Utah Jazz could loose Andrei Kirilenko to free agency at season’s end, meaning they might need to look for a small forward in the market.

Jefferson has played better for the Spurs this season and his 44 percent clip from the 3-point line is a great improvement. The problem is he never fitted the Spurs system after two years with the team.

A change of scenario and a new role could help him revive his NBA career. Also the departure of Paul Millsap will pave the way for young big man Derrick Favors to develop his game sooner than later.

For the Spurs, any help on the front court will be a welcome addition. Some could see this trade to hinder DeJuan Blair’s or Tiago Splitter’s progress, but with Antonio McDyess possible retirement and Tim Duncan declining, getting a young big man like Millsap would be a coup.

Nonetheless, the Spurs will have to use the draft or the free agency to fill the gap on the small forward spot.

Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson

Why it might work? Another ridiculous deal you might say?

In 81 games this season, Jefferson has averaged 11 points and 3.8 rebounds, shooting 47.4 percent from the field, including 44 percent from behind the arc in 30 minutes per game.

On the other hand, Jackson averaged 18.5 points and 4.5 rebounds on 41.1 percent shooting from the floor and 33.7 percent from behind the arc in 35.9 minutes per ball game.

Jefferson shoots a better percentage and his scoring average could go higher given more playing time. Nonetheless, Jackson is a better perimeter defender.

Why will the Charlotte Bobcats pull the trigger? They have been cutting salaries since Michael Jordan handled the team and while both players have comparable salaries (Jackson’s is slightly higher), Jackson is already 33 and has still three years remaining on his current contract and is two years older than Jefferson.

Tony Parker and Richard Jefferson for Chris Kaman, Mo Williams and Al-Farouq Aminu

Why it might work? The Los Angeles Clippers have a great young core of Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and DeAndre Jordan.

Adding an All Star point guard in Parker and a veteran wing man in Jefferson and the Clippers could finally end their playoff drought and will be a dangerous team in the post season.

For San Antonio, getting a legitimate center in Kaman will address one of their glaring needs.

With the loss of Parker, George Hill will have to step in and fill the starting role while Williams provides a steady veteran presence who can handle the basketball.

Aminu is a throw in, but he is a young talent with skills. If given enough playing time and training under the Spurs’ system, he could be a decent wing man in the league.

Tony Parker for Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson and Manny Harris

Why it might work? Even with Baron Davis in tow, the Cleveland Cavaliers will welcome a player in Parker’s caliber. Davis will probably slide to shooting guard in this scenario.

A core of Jamison, Parker, Hickson, Davis, Sessions and Hollins ain’t so bad.

For San Antonio, this will solve a lot of their issues. They will get a banger of a big man in Varejao, a backup point guard in Gibson and a young talent in Harris.

At 6’5″ and with his current skills, Harris could develop into a good perimeter defender for the Spurs and will provide added depth at the wing.

Conclusion: After his woeful performance in the playoffs, there could be few takers for Jefferson, but his contract is movable and he is likely to be the main target for trade discussions involving the Spurs in the offseason.

Tony Parker has been a big part of the Spurs’ success, and letting him go would be painful to watch, but he is the team’s most tradeable chip right now.

If San Antonio can get the right pieces in return for Parker, they should do it.

The aging core of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker clearly needs more help. If they decide on keeping the ‘Big three’, the Spurs’ front office will have a lot of work to do over the summer to make the team better.

What do you think? Do you have any other possible trade deals in mind? Share your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “Possible trade scenarios for the Spurs

  1. I think the most realistic trade scenario here is Parker and Jefferson for Kaman, Williams and Aminu.

    This will make the Clippers close to contenders. A starting five of Griffin, Parker, Jordan, Jefferson and Gordon looks good.

    I think this deal is for the main purpose of getting Kaman. Williams is a decent player but he is a downgrade at the PG spot. Aminu like you said is a throw, maybe just match salaries.

  2. Most realistic trade will be one with the Clippers but I won’t do that losing both Parker and Jefferson for Kaman is not worth it.

    The trade that i’d like to happen is Parker for Varejao, Gibson and Harris because I felt they are the right pieces for the Spurs.

    I know it’s just speculation but if it happens then great!

  3. Trade RJ if you want but not Tony please? 😦

    I love Parker and will probably be the saddest Spurs fan if he leaves but I think the trade for Varejao, Gibson and Harris makes sense for the Spurs.

  4. The only Spurs player I want to trade right now is Jefferson and perhaps Bonner.

    But this trade scenario with the Cavs really got me thinking. I not sure though if the Cavs will bite on Tony and give up three good pieces in return.

    It’s a trade worth looking at for the Spurs.

    • Your basically trading Jefferson for Travis Outlaw. Highly unlikely, while Outlaw is coming from a down year he has a more reasonable contract, is younger, more athletic and bigger than Jefferson.

      If this trade offer is open for the Spurs I’d do it in a heartbeat.
      Thanks for the comment and read.

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