George Hill 4th in NBA Sportsmanship Award

According to Tim Griffin of Spurs Nation, George Hill finished fourth in balloting for the Joe Dumars Award, the NBA’s sportsmanship award.

George Hill finishes fourth in the 2010-11 NBA Sportsmanship Award

Hill earlier was the choice to represent the Southwest Division in the balloting of 347 players.

Golden State guard Stephen Curry won the award, winning a $10,000 donation from the NBA on behalf of Curry to Habitat For Humanity East Bay, which uses volunteers to build affordable homes in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Hill was awarded $5,000 from the league on behalf of George Hill Rising Stars Foundation.

The Spurs have won more NBA Sportsmanship Awards than any other franchise with Avery Johnson (1998), David Robinson (2001) and Steve Smith (2002) among the previous winners. Grant Hill has won the award three times — twice with Phoenix and once with Orlando.

2010-11 NBA Sportsmanship Award voting results

 Player, Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Points
 Stephen Curry, Golden State 88 69 60 54 45 31 2445
 Luol Deng, Chicago 84 76 52 45 53 37 2393
 LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland 56 49 66 63 62 51 2071
 George Hill, San Antonio 42 61 68 61 71 44 2049
 D.J. Augustin, Charlotte 27 43 66 72 63 76 1771
 Deron Williams, New Jersey 50 49 35 52 53 108 1763

This just goes to show how the NBA cares, a great way to give something back to the community.

To all the nominees, congratulations! From Spurs World, you are all winners. It would have been better if Hill won the award, but still, good job George!

3 thoughts on “George Hill 4th in NBA Sportsmanship Award

  1. How I wish George Hill won the award. Congratulations to Stephen Curry and to all the players that was nominated.

    The Spurs fans loves you George!

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