2011 Mock Draft: Spurs picks Trey Thompkins

With the San Antonio Spurs in offseason mode, and the NBA draft still more than a month away, how about some good old fashioned mock draft?

According to the DraftExpress 2011 NBA Mock Draft, the Spurs might select Trey Thompkins as the 29th overall pick this coming June

Should the Spurs pick him, here is a scouting report in advance.

Full Name: Howard Samuel Thompkins III

Height / Weight: 6-10 / 245 lbs.

Position: Forward/Power Forward

Thompkin’s numbers with the Georgia Bulldogs
2008-09 12.6 7.4 1.0 43.4 72.6
2009-10 17.7 8.3 1.0 48.3 76.2
2010-11 16.4 7.6 1.1 48.1 68.9

A graceful 6-foot-10 bigman with a polished offensive game and feathery touch. One of those players that wows you with skill level instead of athleticism. Can face the basket and knock down shots as well as do work on the block . Highly effective in the half court but also excels in transition. Smooth footwork in the post and strong all around feel for the game.

High basketball IQ, great understanding of post positioning and use of box out. Also does a good job of freeing himself from his man off the ball for passes. Wide base allows him to post up opponents and create space inside. Textbook use of his pivot feet. Has a nice right baby hook shot and has range out to three-point land. Likes to face up against opposing bigs and use his guard like ball handling ability to create shots.

An excellent finisher after contact. Soft hands, very good at corralling bad passes and quick to make plays once he gains possession of the ball.  Uses his big wingspan to clear the boards effectively. Very effective on the offensive glass, utilizing his excellent length and soft hands for tip ins. Does a good job in pick and roll or pick and pop situations. Solid go to player with the ability to get the line. Has a very calm, even keeled demeanor. Doesn’t get rattled easily.

Weaknesses: Not a jaw dropping athlete. Upside somewhat limited by his lack of pure athletic ability. Not the most explosive leaper and despite a big wingspan not much of a presence as a shot blocker. Uses finesse instead of athleticism to break opponents down offensively. Skill set makes him more of a threat in the half court. Needs to become a better shooter in the intermediate 12-18 foot range. Needs to get better with his passing and not be quite as careless with the ball.

source: nbadraft.net

With his potential, many scouts think that Thompkins could easily be a top 10-15 pick. However, his somewhat lack of focus, dedication to play better defense and declining outside game could cause his draft stock to go down.

What do you guys think? Should the Spurs pick Thompkins if he is available at the 29th spot? Or do you have other draft prospects in mind that could fit with the Spurs better? Tell us what you think.

6 thoughts on “2011 Mock Draft: Spurs picks Trey Thompkins

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  2. He maybe a good fit, but with the Spurs you’ll never know. I just hoping for another draft day gem for San Antonio. Go Spurs Go!

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