DraftExpress: Why Would an NBA Team Spend a Draft Pick on Jimmy Butler?

With the NBA draft more than a month away, we don’t for sure who will the San Antonio Spurs choose until the draft day comes.

Projected as a 2nd rounder, Butler could be an intriguing prospect during draft day

However, we can always speculate. A few days ago, I posted an article about Trey Thompkins courtesy of DraftExpress.

Now, here’s another interesting draft prospect. Again, via DraftExpress written by Joey Whelan.

Buzz Williams will be among the first to tell you that on paper, Jimmy Butler wasn’t one of the most talented players at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament.

Marquette’s excitable third-year coach attended the Virginia-based pre-draft camp in support of his graduating star – a sign of faith in Butler’s NBA aspirations, as much as it was an act of respect.

The 6-foot-7 forward rewarded his coach’s commitment by winning most valuable player honors.

“He was the MVP because of the attention to all of the small things that he does,” Williams says. “Not simply that he knows them, but because he can execute them, he’s disciplined to do all that.”

That Butler’s attention to detail is so extreme is as much a testament to his intelligence and drive as it is to the regimented system Williams has crafted for the Golden Eagles. Butler on the other hand points to the hardest year of his life as the sole reason for his driven persona – a learning experience that has left an indelible mark on a now promising basketball career.

Butler’s numbers with Marquette Golden Eagles
Height: 6’7″ | Weight: 215 | Wingspan: 6’8″
































The Texas native is not a freak athlete, or the type of player you’ll see on an ESPN highlight reel any time soon.

He does not have the pedigree of a future NBA All-Star. His physical tools are fairly average, and he still needs to develop certain parts of his skill set, namely his shooting consistency from the beyond the arc, to maximize his value.

However, when evaluating a player like Butler, who simply plays winning basketball, has terrific intangibles, and does all of the little things the help his team, it is important to look at what he can do before condemning him for he can’t be.

Butler is a heady player who plays within a team concept. He defends, he makes the extra pass, he crashes the glass, he has a terrific basketball IQ, and his attitude is a coach’s dream.

A product of tireless reps in the gym and a detail oriented system, the senior has a very solid floor game, makes good decision with the ball, scraps on both ends, and maximizes the physical tools he does have.

source: draftexpress.com 

One area of concern for the Spurs in the offseason is improving their small forward rotation.

Butler is currently projected as a second rounder, if he’s available late in the second round, the Spurs should have a long look on this guy, he could be an intriguing prospect during the draft day.


3 thoughts on “DraftExpress: Why Would an NBA Team Spend a Draft Pick on Jimmy Butler?

  1. James Anderson will be better as the backup SF. But it sounds like this guy could be a solid rotation player we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. I don’t know much about the guy and he seems like a well rounded player if there is not much talent at the number 58 spot and he is available, the Spurs might get him.

    Unless there are international players out there we don’t know about.

  3. He seems like a hard-worker and a Spur like attitude, maybe he gets undrafted, then the Spurs picks him and turns out to be another Neal?

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