Trade scenarios involving Richard Jefferson

Jefferson could be the main target of trade talks involving the Spurs this offseason

Two weeks ago, I wrote some possible trades for the San Antonio Spurs.  While some of the trades I mentioned in that article seems like a pipe dream, there is always a possibility for it to happen.

This time I focused on trades that involves Richard Jefferson as the main trade piece. In my humble opinion, these trade scenarios have more realistic chances of happening.

Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess and DeJuan Blair for Richard Hamilton and Greg Monroe

Hamilton is unhappy in Detroit, Jefferson is not a good fit for the Spurs. Blair is rebounding machine and Monroe could solve the Spurs frontcourt issues.

McDyess’ expiring contact and probable retirement makes him tradeable. While Blair is popular to Spurs fans and has a good nose for the ball, the chance of landing a talented young big man in Monroe and a veteran scorer in Hamilton is hard to pass. This trade could save Detroit some money especially if McDyess agrees to a buyout.

Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess for Antawn Jamison

The Cavaliers might pull the trigger from a short-term financial standpoint. Jefferson can still be effective, albeit not on a consistent basis. Jamison is a proven scorer that can play the small forward and power forward spots.

The Spurs will take Jamison’s hefty contract but they will get a versatile player in return. Jamison could help solve some of their glaring concerns. 

Richard Jefferson and DeJuan Blair for Travis Outlaw, Johan Petro and Damion James

Outlaw is coming off the worst season of his NBA career, the Nets could use more veteran leadership on the floor and some rebounding help. Jefferson and Blair fits the bill. Also, this is a possible homecoming for Jefferson in New Jersey.

The Spurs will get two young wingman in this trade with potential and a serviceable big man in Petro. Giving up Blair would be painful, but if the Spurs could add depth at their small forward position, and get some frontcourt help, they should do it.

Acquiring a young, athletic and versatile player like Smith would be hard to pass

Richard Jefferson, DeJuan Blair and George Hill for Josh Smith

This trade proposal could become unpopular to Spurs fans. But in order to get talent, you have to give up talent. Blair and Hill are two young talented players with cap friendly contracts, and Jefferson can still play.

The Spurs usually don’t go for a 3-for-1 trade. However, they’ve done it before to acquire Jefferson.

This time, should Atlanta likes this offer, they might do it again to get rid of Jefferson.

In Smith, the Spurs will get an athletic young player that can score and play defense. He is also versatile enough to slide between the two forward spots.

 Richard Jefferson for Andres Nocioni

It seems that both players don’t fit with their current teams. Jefferson has proven before that he thrives better in a run and gun style of play Philadelphia will give him that opportunity.

Andres Nocioni is a tough player that might fit with the Spurs system. Plus the possibility of playing with fellow Argentine Manu Ginobili  would be intriguing. A straight up swap might revive both players careers and both teams could benefit in this trade.

What do you think about these trade scenarios? Do you have any other trade scenarios involving Jefferson? Share your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “Trade scenarios involving Richard Jefferson

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  3. I think the Spurs have a good shot of getting outlaw for Jefferson. Maybe just trade RJ for Outlaw and Petro? If that’s possible they should do it without sacrificing Blair.

  4. Josh Smith is a pipe dream, the Hawks won’t give him up that easily. I like the first trade scenario, Jefferson, McDyess and Blair for Hamilton and Greg Monroe.

    Looks like a fair deal to me.

  5. The most likely trade to happen here is the one with Outlaw, but I’m not sure if the Nets are willing to part with Damion Jones this early.

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