Are the Spurs done?

It’s not a stretch to say that the San Antonio Spurs are one of the NBA’s preeminent franchises over the last decade. However, times are changing now and for four straight years the Spurs were left empty-handed.

After their 2007 championship, their best finish was reaching the Western Conference Finals in 2008, losing 4-1 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

What followed was early playoff exits including two first round knock outs in three-year span.

Are they done? My counter to that proverbial question is, count out the Spurs at your own peril.

As long as they have Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, the Spurs are not completely finished.

Despite that, they have a lot of questions to face this summer as they will need to make some personnel changes to get back on top.

Their biggest nemesis has always been health and age. But this time, Duncan’s sudden decline is a cause for concern.

If the Spurs wants to make one more push to win another title, expect little changes. The core of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker will probably be back.

Whether or not Duncan exercises his early termination option and signs for less to help the team, he will definitely stay in San Antonio.

One of the things they need to address is to acquire another big that is a low-post threat to put next to Duncan and then perhaps a defensive minded wingman to man the perimeter.

They will need to make some serious recruiting through free agency or do some trade magic to get it done.

The Spurs can no longer win titles by relying heavily on their Big three.

This means George Hill has to get to the next level, Tiago Splitter and James Anderson has to show what they can bring to the table, and then hope that they get lucky again and land another draft day gem.

Realistically, they need to make a big move. But that’s not the Spurs’ way, for sure, they will try their hardest to improve in any way possible.

And if a trade opportunity presents itself, the Spurs should think long and hard. Especially if it involves Parker.

Parker is hands down the teams’ most valuable trade chip this offseason.

Nonetheless, if they fail to move Richard Jefferson in favor of another wingman or a big who can defend the interior, chances are, next season will probably no different than any of their last few.

I don’t hate Jefferson but for two years, it’s clear that he doesn’t fit with the Spurs. If they can get a reasonable deal for him, they must do it.

The Spurs aren’t done, but they will surely have another very interesting summer ahead of them.


9 thoughts on “Are the Spurs done?

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  2. Very honest opinion about the Spurs. I think the Spurs offseason should be focused on how to get a good trade for Jefferson.

    If the Spurs can trade him, I think it will improve the team instantly.

  3. I agree with the points mentioned especially RJ. The Spurs really need to trade him this offseason to improve their lineup. RJ sucked for 2 years with the Spurs.

  4. If the Spurs get lucky on the draft and somehow able to trade Jefferson for a decent player in return, then I’d like their chances for next season.

  5. The Spurs will have to pull off a grade trade for RJ to make them better, Tiago, Anderson, Neal, Blair and Hill will all be better next year and with the Big 3 intact they’ll be fine.

    Get another big in the draft and get rid of Jefferson.

  6. The Spurs have young talents like Hill, Blair, Neal, Anderson and Splitter. If they can get a good man to pair with Duncan and make RJ agressive every night then they should OK next season.

    But the biggest concern is getting a good starting small forward because RJ is not consistent. He should improve or the Spurs MUST trade him!

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