San Antonio’s Best and Worst contracts

As the 2011 NBA draft approaches, we have talked about some free agent targets, trade deals and some prospects the Spurs could pick in the upcoming draft.

While these are interesting points of discussion, Jim Mancari of the Bleacher Report gave his take on NBA teams best and worst contracts.

Here is what he said about the San Antonio Spurs.

DeJuan Blair is a candidate for the best contract in the game.

The Spurs paid him less than $1 million this season to average 8.3 points and 7.0 rebounds per game.

He provided great minutes as a starter and physical presence that wore down opponents.

Richard Jefferson has the team’s worst contract. Jefferson used to be the star in New Jersey and Milwaukee but has found himself as more of a role player in San Antonio.

He’s adjusted well, but his salary of close to $10 million still mirrors that of a major force.

With Tim Duncan’s career winding down, the Spurs may rely more on Jefferson offensively.

Blair and Jefferson played well enough during the regular season. However, both players struggled in the playoffs.

Blair’s minutes were limited because of team’s matchup problems at frontcourt while Jefferson practically disappeared after playing well in the first two games in the first-round series against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Because of his disappointing performance in the post season, Jefferson could be the main target on trade talks in San Antonio.

While Blair could an interesting trade bait for Spurs because of his potential, talent and cap friendly contract.


5 thoughts on “San Antonio’s Best and Worst contracts

  1. Blair gave the Spurs the best bang for the buck. Jefferson agreed to restructure his bloated contract to get more money in return and then continues to suck at playing basketball.

    I hate to admit it but RJ has one of the worst contracts in the NBA today. :((

  2. RJ’s contract is bad but it’s movable, the Spurs should try to trade him this summer, he isn’t helping the Spurs’ cause.

  3. RJ has one of the worst contracts in the NBA no doubt about it. When he restructured his contract, the Spurs should have just offered him 5 million at best and no other team will contest for his services.

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