Trade Parker? Here are five scenarios

Tony Parker is the Spurs' most valuable trade chip this summer.

After another disappointing post season, the San Antonio Spurs have a lot of work to do over the summer to improve their roster and perhaps make a final push of winning another title during the Duncan era.

If the Spurs intends to give it another shot before Tim Duncan retires, expect little changes. The core of Duncan, Ginobili and Parker is still one of the best in league. But to win another NBA crown, they will need a lot of help.

San Antonio knows how to treat their players well and is very loyal to their stars. However, if improving the lineup means moving one of the Big Three, they should do it.

Among them, Tony Parker is likely to be traded. My friend, Tim Varner of 48MoH, pointed out some reasons why trading Parker makes sense. Also, I’ve mentioned before that Parker is the team’s most valuable trade chip.

Having said that, here are five trade scenarios involving Parker.

Tony Parker, Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess for Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams and Jeff Teague

Why should the Hawks do it? Tony Parker is a tremendous improvement at the point guard spot and the chance to move Joe Johnson’s hefty contract in exchange for one the league’s better floor generals would be intriguing. A starting lineup that includes Parker, Smith, Horford and Crawford in the East ain’t bad.

Why should the Spurs do it? They will have to inherent Johnson’s contract but will get a proven scorer in return. However, the key here is to move Jefferson as part of the deal and get to young players in return. Marvin Williams can score and is decent perimeter defender and Teague will be a good backup point guard in San Antonio.

Odom will be a nice pair with Duncan in the frontcourt.

Tony Parker for Lamar Odom and Ron Artest 

Why should the Lakers do it? If there is one weakness in the Lakers lineup, it’s the point guard position. Parker will make a huge impact on Lakers team with his quickness, good floor awareness and ability to attack the opposing team’s defense.

To simplify things, the Lakers probably won’t win another title with Derek Fisher as their starting point guard.

Why should the Spurs do it? Lamar Odom will add length, size and athleticism on their frontcourt and Ron Artest is a solid defender on the perimeter.

Tony Parker for David Lee and Dorell Wright

Why should the Warriors do it? With Parker, they will have a true point guard that can run their offense efficiently.

Giving up David Lee might hurt their frontcourt, but they have enough depth in that area with Biedrins, Thornton and Amundson in the front line. Parker gives them an additional scoring threat and a guy who can distribute the ball fairly well.

Why should the Spurs do it? Lee can provide inside scoring and additional rebounding, some thing they clearly lack in the playoffs. Wright is a young wing player that has good size and can shoot the ball from beyond the arc at a decent rate.

Tony Parker for Brendan Haywood and Shawn Marion

Why should the Mavericks do it? Jason Kidd could probably call it quits after this season (especially if a lockout occurs). Tony Parker would be an awesome replacement and will make them stay competitive in the West.

David Lee's hustle and energy will improve the Spurs' frontline

Why should the Spurs do it? Getting a fairly young big man who can play defense and has some offensive skills in Haywood would be nice.

Shawn Marion will provide additional scoring threat for the Spurs at the wing position. Plus both their contracts are reasonable.

Tony Parker and Richard Jefferson for Andre Miller, Marcus Camby, Nicolas Batum and Rudy Fernandez

Why should the Trail Blazers do it? Andre Miller and Portland star Brandon Roy had some issues in the past and they maybe considering to move Camby’s huge paycheck.

Tony Parker gives them another legitimate scoring threat and an instant upgrade over Miller at the point guard spot. Given the right situation Richard Jefferson can still contribute to a contenting team.

Why should the Spurs do it? Should McDyess push through with his retirement, Marcus Camby would be an able replacement. Miller is a downgrade at the point guard position and will probably play behind George Hill.

However, getting young wing players in Batum and Fernandez in return should seal the deal.

What are your thoughts are these trade deals reasonable enough? Would you even consider trading Tony Parker? Tell us what you think.

10 thoughts on “Trade Parker? Here are five scenarios

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  2. It’s not Parker that they need to get rid off but the dead weight in Jefferson and McDyess . Please don’t tell you seriously consider that bringing in Artest and Odom would make this team better ? Had you watched that duo’s performances in their team’s loss to the Mavs in the conference semi finals ?

    Artest is no longer the lock down defender many considered him to be and Odom simply came up short albeit that he won the league’s Sixth Man of The Year Award . Too much time spent with the he/she of the Kardashian clan I believe !

    tophatal …………..

  3. I like the 1st trade a lot. It has a potential to happen.

    2nd trade proposal was hard to imagine, but it looks like a fair deal

    Forget about 3 and 4

    5th trade proposal will be good for us, I think the Blazers won’t bite.

  4. Although number 1 and 5 could be good for the Spurs, I wouldn’t consider trading Tony Parker just yet. He is the Spurs floor leader.

    I say rebuild around the Big Three via the draft and free agency.

  5. If I was the Spurs, I would seriously consider 1,2 and 5 trade proposals. Good Job Robby!

    But I don’t like 3 and 4, especially the Mavs trade.

  6. My first option was to always keep the Big three intact and the Spurs build around them. But let’s face it, we need to get younger and the Big three alone could not carry much of the load anymore.

    While Tony is the youngest among our main stars, as much as I hate him to go, I think I’d do the Atlanta deal.

    If we modify it and replace Joe Johnson with Josh Smith, I would be better for us but that’s unlikely to happen.

    And Oh, I would trade Jefferson first before considering to move Parker.

    Thanks for the comment and reads everyone.

  7. The first scenario is the best trade proposal here because the Spurs gets the pieces. There is a likely hood it will happen.

    But I don’t think a trade between the Spurs and Dallas or Lakers will ever happen.

    The Portland deal is nice but it wouldn’t happen either. The first scenario is a probable trade.

  8. Good list. I’d do number 1 and 5 if that offer is available, Parker is great but we definitely get better if we do the deal with Atlanta or Portland.

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