Parker: “This was our last chance”

During a recent interview in Paris with L’Equipe and other French journalists earlier this week, Tony Parker gave his assessment about the San Antonio Spurs’ future.

Parker said that he doesn’t think the current makeup of the Spurs roster will be able to contend for a fifth NBA title. (Hat tip to SportsbyBrooks)

“I don’t think this current team will play for the title in the future,” Parker said. “We are aging. We must be realistic. It was sort of our last chance this season.”

Parker believes that the Spurs' title chances with the current lineup is gone.

Parker was direct in his statement about the Spurs. A team who finished with a 61-21 record and entered the postseason as the number 1 seed in the West was eliminated in the first round of the NBA playoffs by the Memphis Grizzlies.

“We can’t count on trades to happen,” Parker said. “We’re going to have to rely on the draft, but Pop has made many good choices.”

“We’re all frustrated because we had a great regular season during which we dominated. But Memphis was a tough match-up for us. They dominated us inside.”

He said that the Spurs’ current roster title hopes are gone. It’s a significant statement from somebody who should know about his team’s chances for success.

Here is a brief video of Parker’s interview in Paris, along with a transcript of the interview provided by FIBA’s official web site.

The early playoff exit was sad, frustrating and disappointing for the Spurs and their fans to say the least.

While Parker maybe right about his assessment, we can only hope the Spurs will be able to re-load in the offseason and improve their roster to try and compete for another NBA crown while Tim Duncan is still with the team.


8 thoughts on “Parker: “This was our last chance”

  1. Call me pessimistic, but I think Parker gave his honest opinion about his team. I hope the Spurs does everything to improve this offseason.

  2. Parker is just saying the team needs to more players that can help them to win the title, I think it’s a challenge to the Spurs FO.

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  5. Tony Parker is my favorite Spur, I think this will motivate the team to get better now and at the same time get ready for the future.

    I wouldn’t want TP to leave the Spurs.

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