2011 NBA Mock Draft: Who will the Spurs select?

If you’re a regular reader here at Spurs World, you know that I’ve talked about Mock Drafts quite often.

This time let me share you Collin Berglund and Tom Kinslow of Bleacherreport’s 2011 mock draft take for the Spurs.

Collin Berglund:

Jordan Williams was the best big man in the ACC this past season. Only a sophomore, Williams dealt with a loss of the team’s best player (Greivis Vasquez) and took the team’s load on his shoulders.

Williams developed a jump shot between his freshman and sophomore season that makes him even more dangerous on the offensive side of the court. He has a number of post moves and always finds a way to get the ball in the basket when close, even through double-teams that often came last season.

He is a tough rebounder as well who plays bigger than his height.

Williams is not the most athletic player, but he has proven he can play basketball.

The San Antonio Spurs are an aging team. Tim Duncan needs a reliable backup and the Spurs need young legs to start carrying the load. Williams would immediately give the Spurs additional size and, although he will never compare to the Spurs current power forward, he could help transition the Spurs from the Tim Duncan era.

Tom Kinslow:

This postseason has been one that has ended multiple championship windows.

We have seen the Boston Celtics fall by the wayside and in the first round, it was the San Antonio Spurs, who lost to the eighth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies, effectively ending the franchise’s championship aspirations.

Tim Duncan is breaking down, Tony Parker has seen better days and Manu Ginobili can only keep going for so much longer. At some point, it’s time to admit that your run is over and start planning for the future.

However, despite the Spurs’ success this year, gaining the top seed in the Western Conference, I don’t expect the franchise to give up on the core of stars that have brought so much success to San Antonio, even if the truth is staring them in the face.

With that in mind, one of the positions that could use an upgrade is the power forward position, because as we saw with Duncan this year, he can’t stand up to the same grind that he went through earlier in his career and the Spurs need to start planning for the future.

JaJuan Johnson out of Purdue is one player who could step in behind the future Hall of Fame player and learn from one of the best. Duncan would be a great tutor for Johnson, who already has developed a semblance of a low-post game and can continue to do so in San Antonio.

However, he doesn’t have an NBA frame, so he’s going to have to do a lot of work if he’s going to become someone the Spurs can put in a starting role years down the line.

Despite that, he has plenty of upside and is someone San Antonio can afford to put on the bench and develop into a viable talent.

Both prospects present potential help to address the Spurs’ needs on the frontcourt. If both of them are available at 29th spot who would you rather choose?

Tobias Harris could be a perfect gift in the first round, but he’ll be probably be gone before the Spurs takes a pick.

How about Trey Thompkins? Based on recent mock drafts there is a good chance he’ll be available at the 29th spot too.

Who do you think should the Spurs choose? Do you any other draft prospects in mind? Tell us what you think.

7 thoughts on “2011 NBA Mock Draft: Who will the Spurs select?

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  2. Either Thompkins or JaJuan Johnson will be a nice pick at 29. Tobias Harris will not fall all the way down to number 29.

  3. Johnson has the better upside and could be a better fit. I would for the Spurs to select him in the first round.

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