2011 NBA Mock Draft: Who will the Spurs pick in the 2nd round?

Yesterday, we talked about some first round mock drafts for the San Antonio Spurs.

Now, let’s look at which second rounder the Spurs will likely pick.

Paul Kasabian of Bleacherreport shares his prediction on a possible second round pick for the Spurs:

Who played better for Kentucky in the NCAA tournament, potential lottery pick Terrence Jones (if he entered the draft) or Josh Harrellson?

Easy answer.

Harrellson was simply sensational, averaging 13 points and eight rebounds during the NCAA tournament, serving as inspiration for the Cats to their run to the Final Four. He was especially important against Princeton in the round of 64, when he went for 15 points (7-for-8), 10 rebounds and four steals in 37 minutes.

A 17 and 10 night against Ohio State’s giants of Jared Sullinger and Dallas Lauderdale was equally impressive, but Harrellson even contributed 12 points, eight rebounds, four assists and two blocks against Tyler Zeller, ACC Defender of the Year John Henson and the UNC Tar Heels in the Elite Eight.

Can Harrellson use this momentum to propel himself to an NBA team?

I think if any team will give him a shot, it’s San Antonio, because Gregg Popovich loves and respects blue-collar guys who just go to work.

As an added bonus, he did go against a future top-three NBA draft pick every day

Mr. Kasabian made it sound like Harrellson is the right choice as the Spurs second round pick. Harrellson is a hard worker and can probably give the Spurs some lift from the bench.

If he’s still available by the time the Spurs picks in the second round, I don’t see why he should be passed up (unless another hard to pronounce foreign player we don’t know about turned out to be another Manu Ginobili).

However, there are news that he could be a first-rounder, and the Spurs might pick him at number 29.

What do you think? Should the Spurs pick Harrellson at the  first round? Or should they wait for him if he’s still available at number 59? Share your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “2011 NBA Mock Draft: Who will the Spurs pick in the 2nd round?

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  2. Harrellson will be a value pick at 59. I think he will still be available at the time, the Spurs should go for the best available player in the first round.

  3. I would be surprised if the Spurs picks Josh Harrellson in the first round. He is a second rounder and based on other teams needs there is big chance he is still on the waiting list at number 59.

    • Julyan Stone is tall athletic guard who does a little of everything, defends, rebounds, passes. Certainly a great pickup late in the 2nd round if the Spurs are looking for a PG.

      Thanks for the comment and read.

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