Spurs considering Nikola Mirotic?

According to The Hoops Report 2011 NBA mock draft, the San Antonio Spurs might pick Nikola Mirotic in the first round.

Will the Spurs pick Mirotic in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft?

Mirotic stands at 6-foot-10 that can play the small forward and power forward positions.

He has good mobility for a big man, nice soft shooting touch, is a good free throw shooter and is reliable from beyond the arc. 

He has excellent shot selection, can create his own shot off the dribble and offers a variety moves at the low post.  He also handles the ball well with both hands for a guy of his size.

Offensively, Mirotic is tremendously versatile. His high basketball IQ, good court awareness and anticipation allows him to make very quick decisions once he receives the ball.

Spin moves, left and right up and unders, jump hooks, turn around jumpers, bank shots are all a part of his natural offensive repertoire. Plus he is a reliable finisher inside the paint.

On defense, he is an able defender of the pick and roll, but not an imposing shot blocking presence. Nontheless, he is a good help defender because of his great timing and floor awareness.

His agility and leaping are just average, but he’s quite quick off his feet and is able to run the floor well. He still need to add strength and muscle to be able to effectively guard NBA bigs and rebounding is one aspect of his game that he must really improve upon.

With his skill set, size and versatility, the Spurs could be intrigued in drafting another prospect from overseas. If there is one team in the NBA, that know most about international prospects, it’s got to be the Spurs.

Should the Spurs pick Mirotic in the first round? What if Nikola Vucevic or Jordan Williams and JaJuan Johnson are still available by the time the Spurs is on the clock.

Who should they choose? Do you have any other draft prospects in mind? Tell us what you think.

4 thoughts on “Spurs considering Nikola Mirotic?

  1. From what I’ve read, It looks like he is a great pick at number 29. But I find hard to pass on Jordan Williams if he’s also available at that time.

    I’m just hoping the Spurs makes the right decision.

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