Fun articles about Tim Duncan

The San Antonio Spurs are on offseason mode and the 2011 NBA draft is less than a month away.

And since our beloved Spurs are on a extendent break, let me share you some old and not so old fun articles about Tim Duncan provided by “the onion” over the years. Enjoy!

Over the years, Tim Duncan has been a favorite target by "the onion" doing their fun posts.

Duncan Urges All-Stars To Use Inside Voice During Game

LOS ANGELES – Saying he understands how excited everyone can get during an All-Star game, Spurs center Tim Duncan made it clear Saturday that since the game is held inside the Staples Center, he expects members of both teams to put their outside voices away and watch their volume for the big night. “Guys, seriously, if you don’t know what an inside voice is, then just whisper and you should be fine,” Duncan told his teammates during warm-ups, explaining that they were “well above a seven” and needed to bring it down to “about a three.” “It’s not like we’re 10,000 feet apart from one another. I’m standing right here. I can hear you just fine.” At press time, Duncan was seen hushing a fan in the mezzanine level who had been shouting, “Go Kobe!”

Duncan Announces Shoe Deal With Florsheim

SAN ANTONIO – Spurs center Tim Duncan held a press conference Monday to unveil the newest style in the Florsheim catalog, called simply “the Duncan.” “We really tried to capture the classic styling of the Tilden, paired with the ease and comfort of the Denison—or the Lexington, if you’re a wing-tip man,” said Duncan, adding that because he helped design the shoe himself, he made certain it would appeal to a basketball player in his mid-30s seeking respectability and comfort, or a man in his mid-80s seeking the same. “We wanted to avoid the classic athlete cliché of going overly flashy with something like a bike toe or cap toe, so we kept it simple; kept it stylish. Those are the principles Milton Florsheim founded this company on in the first place.” The press conference concluded with a private screening of Florsheim’s new commercial, which features the All-Star center sitting in an empty Spurs locker room reading an e-book, at which point the camera pans to his shoes and the slogan “Style. Comfort. Duncan.” appears.

Duncan Reports 5th Straight Successful New Year’s Resolution

SAN ANTONIO – Spurs center Tim Duncan confirmed Monday that since he had not put off answering e-mails once during the entire year, 2010 would mark the fifth consecutive year he had held true to his New Year’s resolution. “In 2006, I vowed to cut down on the sodium in my diet, and in 2007, I promised myself I would win another NBA championship and finally visit Denmark,” said Duncan, adding that 2009’s resolution to “loosen up and have more fun” was achieved by auditing a sociology course at the University of Texas at San Antonio. “2008 was hard, but on Dec. 31, I finally built up enough courage to talk to [AT&T Center concession-stand worker] Erin [Matthews].” This year, the 12-time All-Star has resolved to start cooking for himself more and to put more thought into the gifts he gives.

Want more? Check out these links from the Onion Sports Network.

You may have read some of these before, but it’s just a way of saying. We can relax a bit Spurs fans.  

The Spurs have a long summer ahead of them. And while the NBA Finals is still underway, it’s great to have a good time and have some fun about our Spurs.


4 thoughts on “Fun articles about Tim Duncan

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  2. I love the articles from the onion. Funny and interesting. The Florsheim deal seems realistic. 😀

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