Draft Prospect: Davis Bertans

As the 2011 NBA draft approaches, Spurs World will cover some draft prospects  the San Antonio Spurs might consider in the upcoming draft.

Bertans plays for Union Olimpija in Slovenia, a Euroleague team and an organization known for doing an excellent job developing young players.

Besides that, expects some mock draft updates along the way as we head into draft day.

Today’s draft prospect is Davis Bertans from Latvia.

Position: Small Forward

Height: 6-foot-10

Weight: 211 lbs.

Birth Date: 11/12/1992

Strengths: A Sharp-shooting forward with a high amount of role-playing potential. Excellent shooting mechanics, featuring an extremely high and quick release.

Gets squared up to the basket in a flash. Outstanding catch and shoot ability will make him dangerous coming off of screens.

Great shooting range, will have very little trouble adjusting to the NBA three-point line. Not exceptionally quick, but shows good mobility running the floor. Good enough ball-handler to create his own shot, but prefers just one or two quick dribbles before firing away.

Strong court-vision and impressive passing ability. Very active player that always plays hard on both ends of the floor. Standing at 6-foot-10 will present him an advantage playing on the perimeter in the NBA. Solid character guy who works hard to improve.

Weaknesses: A little one-dimensional as a shooter since he lacks great run/jump athleticism. Foot speed is below average by NBA standards. Needs to add weight. Only weighs 211 pounds, which makes him quite thin for either forward position.

Doesn’t stand out as a rebounder or defender. Though he shows solid finishing ability in transition, he isn’t much of a threat to drive to the rim off the dribble, which leads to defenders crowding him. Is prone to forcing questionable shots. Has a rather average wingspan of 6’10”.

From nbadraft.net

Bertans is an intriguing option in the late first round as a young player to leave developing in Europe. He was described by Nike International Director Rich Shoebrooks as being the top shooter to play on the Hoop Summit International squad since Dirk Nowitzki.

What do you guys think? Should the Spurs draft another young international prospect in the upcoming draft?

11 thoughts on “Draft Prospect: Davis Bertans

  1. At this point, I think it’s unlikely for the Spurs to pick a young talent and wait for him to develop. They already have one in Ryan Richards.

    They need a player who can contribute right now.

  2. If the Spurs ended up picking him, let’s hope and pray that he is the next Dirk Nowitzki not another Matt Bonner. 😀

  3. The Spurs are known for their international scouting if he is really that good, and he is available at the next round when the Spurs picks at 59, Bertans is worth giving a shot.

    Not in the late first round.

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  5. he’ll likely withdraw w/o promise going in 1st round
    and what? u expect late 1st rounder being next Dirk already ready to contribute on NBA level? -most lottery picks can’t do that
    worth a shot at 59? u must be effin kidding -because if this kid goes next year he is mid first round easy -if after 2 years he is lottery pick -do u realise he is just 18? u can get good player in late first round only if kid is young or u re lucky

    • As I said Bertans is an intiguing option late in the first round this season and needs more time to develop in Europe. I did not expect him to be the next Nowitzki already but he has some potential.

      Actually “He was described by Nike International Director Rich Shoebrooks as being the top shooter to play on the Hoop Summit International squad since Dirk Nowitzki”

      It was Mr, Shoebrooks who describe him as the to shooter since Dirk. Anyway, thanks for the comment and read, I appreciate it.

      • i beg a pardon
        mostly my comment was about comments

        right now when i know that Bertans stays in draft (whay means that he likely got promise being drafted in 1st round (look 4 chad ford tweets)) i can talk more on subject

        first of all -drafting no matter how good your scouting (in this case international) is always remains gamble -because if u ‘re not picking top6 most of the time you never know what really you gonna get at the end of the day
        -probably if you’re picking inside lottery it’s more likely that you can predict the outcome but still you could end on Patrick o Bryant or Anthony Randolph alikes (yes i’ve been GSW fan for a while) so drafting becomes even tougher if yoe’re picking late
        -at the moment noone can tell that this kid is the real deal but IMO he is closer to next NBA player than anyone that will gonna bbe left at 29 (especially in this years draft) -at least u can get less or more valuable trade chip -IMO drafting for needs is ddumbacy compared with BPA (best player available) -u should always go with BPA and trade 4 needs later

        this kid got enough potential to be late lottery pick in 2 years from now (though can’t see going euro SF higher than 8 no matter what his height is) but he ‘s available now (will Spurs pick in lottery anytime soon?)

        yeah and BTW PtR is one of my favorite SBN blogs -not so much of jokes but provides much of great read
        best wishes -sorry 4 typos

      • Very well explained, it’s always hard to draft late but happy with the way the Spurs handled things. IMO, the Spurs should go for a legitimate big man that is a low post threat in the first round or just like you mentioned go for the best player available at the time.

        If this guy Bertans happens to be available in the 2nd round for the Spurs though, I’d like the Spurs to give him a shot.

        PtR is one of the best blogs out there and I’m regular too. Thanks for finding time to read and comment on my own blog.

        I truly appreciate it.

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