Greatest Of All Time: MJ or Kobe?

For a change, let’s talk about some long standing debate about who is the Greatest Of All Time in the NBA. Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?
Greatest of All Time
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For most people it is a forgone conclusion, Jordan is the best player to ever play the game.

However, does Kobe have a shot of at least equaling the greatest?

Chime in Spurs and Hoop fans. I’m curious about what you will say about this matter. Have fun with it!

7 thoughts on “Greatest Of All Time: MJ or Kobe?

  1. You can not compare MICHAEL JORDAN in other players like kobe,lebron, etc…MJ is the best player of all time man. no matter what happen still michael jordan..whoooaaa.. whoooaaa…

  2. Jordan’s feat cannot be matched! Not Kobe, not Wade, not LeBron or even Kevin Durant. Michael Jordan is a once in a lifetime player.

  3. I agree with the above comments. We can’t compare MJ to any other player because there is no comparison. MJ is truly the Greatest of All Time.

  4. Conjectures and comparisons are not necessary here at all. Suffice to say Jordan’s feats speak for themselves . Kobe on the other hand may well go down as the greatest player of his generation. Now if you actually wanted to discuss a merit debate how about comparing Jordan to Magic ? That would be a far more interesting debate by far !

    tophatal ………….

  5. IMO, no one will ever compare to the great Michael Jordan, his “Airness” is in a league of his own.

    Six championships without a dominant center and If he did not retire in between Chicago’s two 3-peats he could have easily won 8 NBA titles. That’s how great he is!

  6. There will be no next Michael Jordan. Kobe has 5 rings but three of them came with a huge help from Shaq so that doesn’t count.

    Skills and scoring wise LeBron has potential but Jordan will never choke in the Finals the way LeBron did and Jordan will not join forces with other league superstars to be able to get an NBA title the easy

    MJ is the greatest no one will come close to how he change the game of basketball. ’nuff said.

  7. No one will ever compare to the great MJ. He defined basketball and I quote.

    “If there is basketball player in the dictionary it has to have a picture of Michael Jordan. He personifies a complete basketball player in my eyes” – Grant Hill.

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