Should the Spurs trade up for Singleton?

One of the main aspects that the San Antonio Spurs need to improve on in the offseason is the small forward position and their interior and overall team defense.

Chris Singleton will be one of the most intriguing prospects in the 2011 NBA draft.

A lot of basketball observers and analyst believe that the upcoming draft is a shallow one, that means talent could be too few late in the first round going into the second.

With the number 29 pick that is not good news for San Antonio.

However, the Spurs are known to be one of the best teams in drafting “gems”.

They have built their team and become one of the most successful franchises in the NBA by reloading through the draft, picking players like Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, George Hill, DeJuan Blair and Gary Neal late in the draft.

Nonethess, it is also interesting to see if the Spurs should move up in the draft to pick up a sure talent.

How about going for Chris Singleton?

Singleton is a small forward with terrific size and length for the position,  he is an explosive leaper and has next level athleticism and a very good player in transition, he runs the floor extremely hard and is able to finish plays above the rim in open lane situations.

His upper body is well built, and he has the strength to move defenders on drives to the basket, has developed into a formidable catch and shoot threat. With his feet set he can shoot the ball with range and fairly consistently knock down jumpers from deep and shows the ability to make shots from the NBA three point line.

Plus his biggest impact is on the defensive end, where his size, length, athleticism and terrific instincts make him a lockdown defender. He possesses all the tools to be able to translate his defense to the NBA level. Can guard multiple positions.

His ability to anticipate and jump into passing lanes combined with shotblocking, make him a very rare threat on the defensive side of the ball. That is something the Spurs covet in a starting small forward.

He is a blue-collar player and is capable of impacting the game without needing the ball in his hands or getting plays called for him. A solid rebounder, he is especially good on the offensive glass, where he uses his length and athleticism to get to rebounds.

But Singleton is not a natural wing player, he is not very smooth with the ball and does not have the ballhandling skills which would allow him to create his shot with consistency. Not a great scorer, lacks the feel and touch around the basket and depends too much on his physical prowess to get him thorough situations.

Has the size and length to score with his back to the basket, but his poor footwork and bodycontrol make it hard for him to get good shots off inside. Still a very streaky shooter, especially on the move or off the dribble.

Another thing consider about drafting Singleton is that he fractured his foot on February 12 and had surgery shortly after.

It will be interesting to see if he will be effective enough to keep his stock high enough to remain in the 2011 draft. Or will he fall down to the laps of the Spurs like what happened to Blair in 2009.

What do you guys think? Should the Spurs try to move up and go for Singleton? Share your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Should the Spurs trade up for Singleton?

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  2. There is no way the Spurs will get Singleton in the first round without moving up. I like him because of his defense, but if the Spurs don’t make a move they will not get him at 29.

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