Spurs signature moves, which one is the best?

A lot of NBA stars have their go to moves throughout their career. Hakeem Olajuwon has his “Dream Shake”, Kareem Abdul Jabbar had the “Sky Hook” and Michael Jordan has his iconic Fadeaway jumpers.

When it comes to signature moves, the San Antonio Spurs are not short on the list.

Here are four.

Manu Ginobili’s Euro Step

Tony Parker’s Floater

 George Gervin’s Finger roll

Tim Duncan’s Bank Shot

Hope you enjoyed watching the videos Spurs fans.

Now which do you think is the best and most effective signature move?

Did we miss something on this list? Share your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Spurs signature moves, which one is the best?

  1. I’d go with Duncan’s bankshot, the most fundamentally sound, effective and reliable move. It won four titles for San Antonio.

  2. Hey guys this is an easy pick, Parker’s floater by a mile, it’s hard to block because the arc is too high. It is one of the main reasons why Parker has been one of the best in the NBA in scoring inside the paint. Stats don’t lie!

  3. Obviously you are all not old enough to witness the Ice mans finger roll. I was a beauty. I go with Gervin’s signature move.

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