Should the Spurs consider Carter?

According to the Arizona Republic, the Phoenix Suns is expected to buy out Vince Carter’s remaining year for $4 million instead of trying to move his contract to another team.

Carter could fill a need for the Spurs.

If that pushes through, Carter then will become a free agent with an impending lockout in the NBA.

At this point, he is likely hoping for a shot at playing for a championship team. He has never played on a team that has advanced past the conference finals during his NBA career and despite being 34, he should get offers from several teams.

Should the San Antonio Spurs consider getting him when he becomes a free agent?

He is no longer the All Star he once was, but it should be noted the Spurs had a strong interest in him before they acquire Richard Jefferson two seasons ago.

Carter’s numbers last season ain’t that bad either.

He played a total of 73 regular season games (22 with the Orlando Magic and 51 with the Suns), averaging 14.0 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.0 assists on 43.6 percent field goal shooting.

Also, playing in a team with such a strong collective work ethic like the Spurs and learning from a top notch coach like Gregg Popovich may help him revive his NBA career.

Carter would provide depth, scoring and add veteran presence at the small forward and shooting guard positions, filling a need for the Spurs.

If Carter gets a buyout and is willing to join San Antonio, the Spurs could likely get him at a reasonable rate.

Considering his experience and scoring ability, Carter might be worth the gamble.

Getting him could solve some of San Antonio’s immediate concerns the wing position particularly on the offensive end.

What do you think? Should the Spurs try to acquire Carter? Share us your thoughts on this matter.


7 thoughts on “Should the Spurs consider Carter?

  1. As much as it reminds me of the RJ situation, I’d rather have Vince in the starting five. Part of that is because I’m done giving Jefferson a shot; even though his expectations were set high, he has vastly underperformed. The other part is that I genuinely believe Vince Carter has a lot more to offer.

  2. Robby

    Vincesanity will simply become another Richard Jefferson ! Make of it what you will. Jefferson and McDyess combined contributed absolutely nothing to the Spurs this past season . So why use this thread as some point of interest regarding the Spurs ? They won their division had the best record in the league and then simply petered out like a damp squib in the playoffs .

    Do you honestly believe that Carter can add anything to this team given his age much less the fact that he’s way past his best ?
    Be honest with yourself .

  3. Juli Cesar El Tipo, I agree it’s unclear if Vince Carter will be a good option, but we wouldn’t know until the Spurs tries to get him and he actually plays with the team it’s a risk sort of thing. Thanks for the comment and read.

    Marcus, I’d like to believe you are right on Carter, IMO he has a better offensive game than Jefferson but at the same time he is older than RJ. So that’s the other side of the coin. The idea of getting him is to simply add another player who is capable in scoring and perhaps an able wing defender under Popovich’s guidance. Thanks for the comment and read.

    tophatal, I appreciate your continued support and always giving your thoughts on matters regarding the Spurs. About Carter, the reality is we will never know how will he perform under the Spurs system until he is with the team. Yes, he is way past his prime. But during his time in Orlando and Phoenix he proved that he can still score. Getting Carter will help the Spurs on offense because of it. If you watched the playoffs or most of the regular season for that matter it was clear that the Spurs don’t get consistent production from Jefferson. If they have Carter, they will have another scoring option at the wing. Thanks for the comment and read.

  4. I like the idea, Let’s get this done Spurs. Vinsanity has still 2-3 good years left in him. This is great especially if he can be signed to a veteran minimum.

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