Parker nearly traded to Portland

According to Hoopsworld, the San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers nearly completed a blockbuster trade on Wednesday afternoon, but the deal fell apart in the late stages.

Tony Parker is in the center of trade rumors again.

San Antonio was prepared to ship Tony Parker and the #29 pick to Portland in exchange for Andre Miller, Nicolas Batum and the #21 pick. Other players would have been added in order to make salaries work.

However, the deal died when the Spurs insisted that Richard Jefferson be included in the talks.

Since San Antonio’s attempt to add Jefferson, talks have quieted, but they could pick up tomorrow if one of these teams has a change of heart.

Acquiring Batum could have been nice because he is a young wingman that can score and is an able defender.

Nonetheless, the combination of Batum and Miller for Parker seems to put the Spurs on a slight disadvantage.

If Richard Jefferson is included in the trade, it could work out better for the Spurs.

How about Parker and Jefferson for Miller, Batum, Marcus Camby and Rudy Fernandez?

Because of these developments, together with NBA’s continued labor negotiations, the 2011 NBA Draft could be very interesting.


12 thoughts on “Parker nearly traded to Portland

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  2. Tomorrow’s draft will be very interesting indeed! Robby the trade proposal you are suggesting is one sided for the Spurs. The Blazers won’t do it!

    • Hopefully tomorrow sometimes will be force to take a trade that involves Jefferson. I don’t hate him, but I think getting rid of his contract will be the first step for the Spurs to improve their roster in the offseason.

  3. Glad to know the trade did not go through, it’s like trading Parker for Batum and swapping the 21 and 29 picks. Miller is just a thrown in he’s too old to be an effective point guard in the NBA.

  4. I like the suggested trade! We get Camby, Fernandez and Batum by giving up Parker and getting rid of Jefferson. As crazy as it sounds! Let’s get it done!

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