Spurs offered Hill for higher picks?

Yesterday it was reported that the San Antonio Spurs are dangling Parker to acquire a high lottery pick. Now, NBA sources are saying that George Hill is being offered to move up in the draft.

It seems like the Spurs have an eye on a particular player in the lottery, could it be Chris Singleton?

Maybe these are just speculations but we’ll find out soon.

However, do you think the Spurs should trade Parker or Hill to get a higher pick in a relatively weak draft class? Share us your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Spurs offered Hill for higher picks?

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  2. George Hill is a good player, but I think trading him makes sense for the Spurs specially if the pick assures them a good big man. The Spurs are deep on the backcourt with TP, Neal, Manu and Anderson. Butler and Jefferson can also switch to the shooting guard position when needed.

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