Free agent bigs: Who should the Spurs covet?

The NBA labor negotiations is still ongoing, that means Free Agency will be delayed if the league, as expected, imposes a lockout on July 1.

David West

The San Antonio Spurs made a bold move during draft day, addressing their need to add depth at the small forward spot as well as getting important pieces for the future.

However, the team needs to add a quality big man to shore up their frontline, adding more size and length is a must for the Spurs to seriously contend for a title next season (whenever it starts).

Here is a list of some free agent big man the Spurs might want consider.

(Player name, Team, Position, Height – Status)

David West, New Orleans Hornets, PF, 6-foot-9 – Unrestricted

West, who had reconstructive surgery April 12, will opt out of the final year of his contract with the Hornets, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

West, who has been rehabbing his injury twice daily, must be feeling pretty good about the prognosis of his knee in the long-term, as he is walking away from $7.5 million. In any case, while a return to the Hornets via an extension is not out of the question, it is his intention to test free agency. Early speculation has the Pacers and Nets listed as potential suitors.

He has averaged at least 17 points and 7 rebounds in each of his past five seasons. Typically underrated because of his deficiencies in boards and blocks. At 29 years old, he’s in the middle of his prime and should have another fine season.

West might be out of reach when it boils down to a bidding war to get his services, but depending on the how the new CBA pans out, the Spurs might have an outside chance.

Tyson Chandler, Dallas Mavericks, Center, 7-foot-1 – Unrestricted

He plays defense, has length and is extremely athletic, and lend a big hand in helping the Mavericks to snatch their first NBA crown. Mark Cuban will do whatever it takes to keep him in Dallas.

Kenyon Martin

However, should he wish to go somewhere else, San Antonio would welcome him with open arms.

Samuel Dalembert, Sacramento Kings, Center, 6-foot-11 – Unrestricted

There is a strong indication that he is not returning to the rebuilding Kings. He has he has shown that he can easily adapt to a system and can provide strong defense to go along with a respectable offensive game.

Yao Ming, Houston Rockets, Center, 7-foot-6 – Unrestricted

After missing the entire 2009-10 season with foot injuries, Yao is reportedly expected to be available for training camp. Whether or not he’s healthy is one question, how effective he’ll be is another. There is no doubt that Yao (when healthy) is a top-tier player.

In 2008-09 season, he averaged 19.7 points, 9.8 rebounds and 1.9 blocks while shooting 54.8 percent from the floor and 86.6 percent from the line. If he proves to be healthy, for a reasonable price tag, the Spurs should make a gamble.

Kenyon Martin, Denver Nuggets, PF, 6-foot-9 –Unrestricted

When healthy, Martin can still be a force thanks to his vicious defense and rebounding skills. Unfortunately, his balky knees are a cause for major concern. He averaged 11.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, 1.2 steals and 1.1 blocks last season, but played in just 58 games for the Nuggets.

After undergoing offseason surgery on his knee, it is still not clear if Martin will be healthy at the start of next season.

Kris Humphries, New Jersey Nets, PF, 6-foot-9 – Unrestricted

Humphries made a name for himself as a solid rebounder and role player in New Jersey, averaging 10 points, and 10.4 rebounds, on 52.7 percent filed goal shooting in 74 regular season games.

Josh McRoberts, Indiana Pacers, PF, 6-foot-10 – Unrestricted

Can provide help upfront, is young and a banger type of player. He averaged 7.4points, 5.3 rebounds while shooting 54.7 percent shooting in 72 season games for the Pacers.The Spurs would welcome a young big like him that has good potential.

Kris Humphries

Kyrylo Fesenko, Utah Jazz, Center, 7-foot-1- Unrestricted

He is big and has potential but still a raw talent. With proper training and right system he could be a serviceable big man in the NBA. He averaged 2.0 points and 2.0 rebounds in 53 regular season games with Utah playing just 8.6 minutes per ball game.

Jeff Foster, Indiana Pacers, Center, 6-foot-11- Unrestricted

A veteran big man who plays hard-nosed defense and knows how to get the boards. He averaged 3.3 points and 6.3 rebounds in 56 regular season games with the Pacers.

Jason Collins, Atlanta Hawks, Center, 7’0″ – Unrestricted

An underrated defender, Collins did a great job guarding Dwight Howard in first round of the playoffs, as the Hawks ousts the Orlando Magic in six games. Collins averaged 2.0 points and 2.0 rebounds in 49 season games with the Hawks.

What do you think? Which big man should the Spurs go after? Share your thoughts.


23 thoughts on “Free agent bigs: Who should the Spurs covet?

  1. I think if the Spurs can get Humphries and maybe K-Mart if he’s healthy for the right price the Spurs will be ok. There is no way they land West, Dalembert or Chandler.

  2. Robby

    Kris Humphries time will be now devoted to servicing ….. Kim Kardashian . So as such , he’s already a free agent of sorts don’t you think ? I can’t wait for the sex tape to come to light between the two so that it further adds to her now infamous 15 minutes of fame .

    My own impression on the NBA free agency market is that until there’s an accord between the league and union then we can’t see how teams will spend in acquiring players. Last year’s soft cap in the NBA did absolutely nothing to rein in costs for the teams and they’re on tap to lose in excess of $450 million for the fiscal year 2011 . Last year that figure was $365 million . 22 of the thirty teams are on track to lose in excess of $20 million apiece .

    So you tell me how the NBA is to compete in this economic climate wherein many of their problems have been of their own making ? The owners haven’t a clue and neither has David Stern for that matter !

    tophatal …………

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  5. @Daniel07 Humphries is coming off a good season so he will be a nice addition, although tophatal may have a point that his time might be devoted on Kim Kardashian!

    @SpursFanHenry if healthy Yao Ming will be great but I doubt he can still play at a high level. David West or Dalembert we be really good for us but the question is how much? IMO, Jeff Foster is a good option here.

  6. Probably will get someone like Fesenko. He’s big and his salary is reasonable. Pop can talk to him in his native tongue.

  7. I believe the Spurs have a legit chance of getting Foster because he is from San Antonio. Also if healthy, they should seriously consider Kenyon Martin or perhaps Dalembert.

    Another young big that is available is Aaron Gray the Spurs can get him at a bargain price.

    • Gray seems to be a reasonable option but he will not be enough. If the Spurs get him, they need to add Jason Collins or Jeff Foster.

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  9. i would love a trade involving tony parker+jefferson for yao+scola, do you think it could work out? we would need to land a point guard after the trade, but i would love to see scola in a spurs uniform

    • Jorge, first of all welcome at Spurs World! From the moment the Spurs drafted Scola, I always dreamed of seeing him in Silver and Black but it did not workout that way.

      Your trade proposal is interesting because the Spurs really wan to move Jefferson, however, with George Hill gone, Tony Parker looks like unmovable. I’d love to have Scola but not to high on Yao mainly because of his recurring injuries. But you made an interesting point.

      Thanks for the comments and reads everyone!

  10. I say let the youth movement begin. I want to see Ryan Richards here this year. I think, if given the playing time, he could be a diamond in the rough…

    • Ron M, Welcome to Spurs World! I’m glad to see new commenter/readers around here. Right now, Ryan Richards is doing great basketball. He is currently playing for GB U20 (Great Britain 20 and under). The last time I checked his team is 4-0 and word is he is matchup nightmare.

      The problem with Richards is lack of quality competition, but I’d also like the Spurs to bring him over and see how he plays out. Richards has every intention in playing in the NBA and said that he is willing to play for the Toros if needed be.

      The good news is he proves to be healthy and healed from his shoulder injury.

      Thanks for the comment and read.

  11. I think Foster and Gray will be a nice pickup. But getting Dalembert and/or West will be ideal, it likely won’t happen.

    I also like to know if the Spurs have interest in Troy Murphy or Dunleavy both are free agents too, I believe.

  12. Ideally, I’d want to see Chandler or Nene here as the center, but a more realistic (i.e. financial) option might be some combination of Collins, Foster, or Carl Landry. Yao would slow the Spurs down too much, and West wouldn’t fit in chemistry-wise. If we didn’t already have Blair, I would’ve suggested Chuck Hayes. If only there was a way to have kept Scola…

    • I agree, Chandler or Nene would be a great pickup and both of them are available, the only reason why I did not include Nene on the list is because he has to use his ETO to become a free agent (which he used). All of the bigs here are unrestricted.

      I think realistically we can land Foster or Collins or even Feseko and Humphries.

      Landry and Hayes are both undersized like Blair.

      Thanks for the input! Thanks for the comment and read.

      P.S. It pains me to talk about that Scola guy! 🙂

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  15. Robby;
    Wow! again, hadn’t seen so many on your site till now! Brother u sure STIR up the blog this time around with probably the Biggest Question after the Lockout. I would not covet anyone if I was the FO, we got the YOUTH already but not the experience. We have the WILL and POP’s gots the knowledge. I was going to call my opnion here what’s **POP got in the oven**. Picture this POP in front of the oven with his apron on checking the cookies to see if they are done (i.e. Bertans, Hanga, Richards, Lorbek, and De Colo) sooner or later the cookies are going to get done, some will get a little more toasty than the others, “My point is, it’s time to put the cookies out to play”. There might just be a couple of Chocolate Chips in the the batch. I guess you know by now what I’am doing, eating Chocolate Chip cookies w/milk. However; I would consider a trade that we had talked about before involving Utah, Indiana and us where we get Al Jefferson, and Roy Hibbert for RJ, AMac contract and another player to name later or draft choice. I would settle for Al Jeff and Jas Collins. Remember what happen with Scola contract it was literally given away, it could happen again. I got the feeling the CBA will be good to us again.

  16. Dalembert would be a nice defensive addition to take some pressure off of Duncan, and he may not cost much to sign. Though he is not a free agent Utah forward Al Jefferson would really be a strong addition. Big Al is still relatively young who has improved each year and would be able to learn from the Big Fundamental. The Jazz have two solid low post players in Memhet Okur and Paul Millsap so they could be willing to move Jefferson.

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