Spurs extend deadline on McDyess’ salary guarantee

The San Antonio Spurs and forward Antonio McDyess have agreed on an extension of the guaranteed-salary deadline on McDyess’ contract for the 2011-12 season.

Spurs forward Antonio McDyess

McDyess’ contract called for him to be paid $5.2 million next season unless the Spurs waived him by midnight Thursday.

The deal is partially guaranteed even if the Spurs ultimately decide to release the 36-year-old veteran of 14 NBA seasons.

With the collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the players union to expire one minute after midnight Thursday, the Spurs proposed extending the deadline to the first day of the next player free agency period, whenever that may be.

McDyess and his agent, Andy Miller, agreed to the salary guarantee extension on Thursday.

Though McDyess indicated numerous times that he intended to make 2010-11 his final NBA season, the Spurs are convinced he could continue as a contributing player.

The prospect that the 2011-12 season might be truncated by the labor dispute that appears headed for a lockout could be a factor in McDyess’ ultimate decision about continuing his playing career.

McDyess joined the Spurs for the 2009-10 season, playing in 150 games over the past two seasons, starting 66 games. In 73 games last season he averaged 5.3 points and 5.4 rebounds.

Source: Spurs Nation

Despite his age, McDyess has proved to be a dependable player for the Spurs.

The team have relied on him to defend the opposing team’s scoring big men and have done an admirable job on it in his two seasons in San Antonio.

On top of that, McDyess is a great teammate and a locker room presence. Should he decide to leave, the Spurs will surely miss his presence on and off the court.

4 thoughts on “Spurs extend deadline on McDyess’ salary guarantee

  1. I don’t have problem with McDyess playing one more year, he deserves one more shot at a title but he should take a paycut IMO.

  2. McDyess can still help the Spurs but on a relatively smaller role. I love his passion for the game and wish that he can win an NBA title in San Antonio before he calls it quits.

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