Spurs expressed interest in Casspi, but how can they get him?

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the San Antonio Spurs and the New York Knicks are both interested in the services of new Cavalier Omri Casspi.

But Cavs told ’em they traded for Casspi with intent to keep him. GM Chris Grant says Cavs have liked Casspi since Kings drafted him in 2009.

Casspi was selected by the Sacramento Kings with the 23rd pick of the 2009 draft.

The Spurs expressed strong interest in Omri Casspi.

In addition to being known for being the first Israeli to play in the NBA, Casspi has given the Kings solid minutes in his first two seasons, averaging 9.5 points, 4.4 rebounds and shooting 37.1 percent from behind the arc in just 24.5 minutes per ball game.

He was traded by the Kings to the Cavaliers in exchange for J.J. Hickson along with a conditional first-round pick.

Back in 2009, Casspi was also in the Spurs’ radar, if they are really serious in acquiring the Israeli wing man, who can they offer?

Prior to the 2011 NBA draft, there were speculations about a Tony Parker trade.

However, the Spurs have since traded George Hill for Kawhi Leonard and the draft rights to Davis Bertans and Erazem Lorbek.

For the Spurs, moving Parker now wouldn’t be such a good idea.

Besides, the Cavaliers have chosen Kyrie Irving as the number pick in 2011 NBA draft and will probably be the team’s starting point guard.

Also, Richard Jefferson has not generated any interest from other teams.

So what gives?

How about trading James Anderson and a future draft pick for Casspi?

Anderson has shown promise in his rookie year in San Antonio. Had he stayed healthy all season he could have been a vital part of the Spurs regular rotation.

Prior to his injury, Anderson has played six games averaging 7.0 points and 1.o rebound while shooting 42.2 percent from the floor, including 50 percent from the 3-point line in just 17.6 per game.

What do you think? Is Anderson enough to lure Casspi? Do you have any other trade ideas in mind? Or would you rather keep Anderson in San Antonio.

9 thoughts on “Spurs expressed interest in Casspi, but how can they get him?

  1. I think Casspi will fit right in with the Spurs he can play SG/SF. But I don’t think Anderson and a draft is enough to get him.

  2. If the Spurs get Casspi, there will be a logjam at SF. Currently we have Leonard, Jefferson and Butler. Anderson can play small forward too.

    But I like Casspi, if only we can move Jefferson we should definite get him. Also, I still like to see how Anderson will develop as a player.

    Maybe we can get Casspi without giving up a player like Anderson, this is an interesting development. I’m torn between wanting Casspi and keeping Anderson at the same time.

    I know we don’t have much trade baits to entice the Kings in giving up Casspi. Right now it looks like it will stay that way only rumors.

  3. Robby

    In all honesty I think that Burford is now in desperation mode because he now knows that the team failed miserably last season and much of that was down to the fact he became complacent in terms of what he saw as the strengths in the roster .

    This team is offensively challenged with only one player that even got close to averaging 20 pts a game last season . That’s downright pitiful and won’t at all cut in the NBA !

    tophatal ……..

    • tophatal,

      You could be right about Buford. I believe that Casspi would be a good addition, but in the back of my mind it will really be a long shot. Unless the Spurs FO gets really creative, I don’t think Casspi will be silver and black soon.

      I like Anderson and think that he could be a rotation player in the NBA, Casspi on the other hand has proven he can score and play well on a consistent basis. Bottom line the Spurs really need to improve their roster in this extended offseason.

      Thanks for the comment and read.

  4. Bobby

    You cannot seriously believe that adding Casspi to a team that’s already offensively challenged will immediately make them better ? Simply look at the team stats in terms of scoring ? And then you tell me what you see as glaring ? It’s no use throwing sh_t up against a wall to see what sticks ! Because this in essence now seems to be going on with the Spurs at this juncture !

    Parker was the top scorer on the team last season avg’ing just under 20 pts a game and that stat alone wouldn’t even put him in the top 20 scorers in the league .

    If Buford at the start of last season couldn’t see how woefully inept this team was from the offensive side of things then it now comes as an indicator as to how complacent that he and Popovich have become and that to me is a sad indictment of the organization from top to bottom . We should stop sugar coating the crap as to how good the Spurs are when in reality it’s clear that they’ve regressed a great deal on both sides of the ball !

    Dealing in suppositions and premises only works in the word of fantasies and that’s now what a competitive NBA franchise (Spurs) is meant to be about in the first place .

    Is it me but has David Stern become a complete butt-head ?

    tophatal ……

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  6. Tophatal, It’s Robby not Bobby 🙂

    I respect your opinion, but first of all I’m not sugar coating anything for the Spurs, in fact I seriously think they need at least two more quality players to compete at the highest level.

    However, contrary to what you believe, I think the main problem with the Spurs is on the defensive end. That is not to say they are an amazing offensive team.

    But if you watched them last season winning 61 season games with only one player barely averaging in the 20’s is a good sign. Why? Because they have balanced scoring. The Pistons used that formula (stingy defense+balanced scoring in 2005) and it worked.

    If the Spurs can get a proven scorer at a good price tag, I’m all for it,, but with the kind of situation the NBA is in it’s hard to tell plus you have to consider the fact that the Spurs are a small market team making it harder for them to lure top-tier players.

    Bottom line, if the Spurs can add players that can improve their defense and provide instant offense off the bench then they should be fine.

    Thanks for your continued support comments and reads.

  7. Robby

    Winning 61 games oh wow ! And what happened in the postseason ? If that’s not an indictment of a team that has achieved its record with smoking mirrors then what is ? On the defensive end they looked lame , outmaneuvered and simply outplayed by a team that was far more vibrant and deserving of the victory !

    It’s not the defense that is the problem but the lack of offense and its overall inconsistency . That’s what Buford is now realizing and it has been glaring now for quite a while .

    If you can’t see that or simply can’t address that as a fact then it’s clear that you simply believe that this team can get by as it is with a bunch of lukewarm and average players beyond Parker , Ginobli and an aging Tim Duncan. For me as an avid fan of the team I want accountability and not excuses and the idiocy of watching players simply go through the motions without actually showing real tangible signs over the course of a season !

    tophatal …………

    • I think the Spurs bump into a hot team (Memphis) in the playoffs. I agree that they need consistency on offense especially from the small forward spot. But I can’t comprehend why you think that DEFENSE isn’t a problem?

      Just a reminder, the SPURS won four titles because of their stingy DEFENSE.

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