Argentina Basketball Federation closer in insuring Manu

As reported by Mike Monroe of Spurs Nation, Manu Ginobili might play for Argentina this summer.

The way is being cleared for Ginobili to play for Argentina in the FIBA Americas tournament in Mar del Plata, Argentina later this summer.

Ginobili could be playing for Argentina this summer.A report in the FIBA Daily newsletter on Thursday quotes German Vaccaro, president of the Argentine Basketball Confederation, about his optimism that all the NBA players who have been part of the Argentine team for more than a decade — Ginobili, Luis Scola, Andres Nocioni and Carlos Delfino — will have their NBA contracts insured in time to begin training in  before the end of July.

“In our case, I’m optimistic that Argentina will have all their players to play in the tournament we are hosting,” Vaccaro said in the article.

With the NBA lockout on, player contracts no longer are insured by individual teams, dramatically increasing the cost to national teams seeking to insure them.

Vaccaro is in Spain for meetings this week at which the  insurance issue is being discussed by other national federations facing the issue.

“I’m here in Madrid to meet FIBA Europe, crucially Jose Luis Saez, a friend of mine and president of FEB,” Vaccaro told FIBA Daily. “We want to have collective actions as a block.”

Vaccaro said he does not believe individual players should have to buy thier own insurance or settle for insuring less than the full amounts of their contracts.

What do you think about this latest development Spurs fans?

Manu is competitive and has every right to represent his home country.

However, he is coming from an elbow injury and an extended rest will definitely help him to fully heal and recuperate while waiting for the NBA lockout to be lifted.

Is it best for Manu represent Argentina later this summer or should he rest his body for his health’s sake and for the Spurs as well.


4 thoughts on “Argentina Basketball Federation closer in insuring Manu

  1. As a Spurs fan I know Manu loves to play but I’m a bit worried him getting injured again. How I wish he just relax for a while and spend more time with his wife and kids.

  2. On the contrary, I think this will help Manu to stay in shape and at the same time help his hometown Argentina.

  3. Manu knows his body better than anyone else. If he thinks he can play for Argentina so be it. Go Manu! Go Spurs!

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