Will Cory Joseph be able to step in for Hill?

During the 2011 NBA draft night, the San Antonio Spurs made a deal that sent George Hill to Indiana. Much of the attention were focused on the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard and the 42nd draft pick that was used to get young Latvian Davis Bertans.

That same night, another young player picked by the Spurs is Texas point guard Cory Joseph.

Cory Joseph could be a capable backup behind Tony Parker.

Many were surprised and even criticized this choice, but the truth is, the Spurs had their eye on Joseph at number 29 the whole time.

Especially when they’ve dealt Hill to Indiana that left a void at the backup point guard spot.

Joseph is another step in the direction if the Spurs aims to get back as a defensive-minded team.

He has a very well-rounded game, a good decision maker and, like Leonard, a proven winner.

During his time with the Texas Longhorns, Joseph has shown an athletic burst to go along with his elite floor control. He also has a very good feel for the game, which a lot of prospects do not possess.

He has also shown that he can transition well from being a distributor to a scorer, which Hill always struggled with.

The Spurs’ coaching staff always pleaded for Hill to pick his spots and be aggressive instead deferring to other players. Joseph will most likely step up and command the offense.

He also shoots the ball well and more importantly, he has the potential to be a good defender in the NBA guarding the point guard position.

In a way his game is somewhat similar to that of Hill because he also gives premium on defense.

Needless to say, Joseph is a defensive-minded player. Rick Barnes even called him the best defensive guard he’s had, very solid person, impressive character.

It looked like the Spurs got another player they really want. But will he be able to fill in the void left by Hill?

That will have to wait until the lockout is lifted, and the NBA gets back to business.


7 thoughts on “Will Cory Joseph be able to step in for Hill?

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  2. Replacing George Hill will not be easy. I don’t see a lot of minutes for Joseph in rookie year. The Spurs will likely sign a veteran point guard to help Parker to run the offense.

  3. I can see James Anderson breaking into the rotation in his 2nd season, he and Gary Neal will be the first options off the bench in the Spurs backcourt rotation. Joseph will be the Spurs third string point guard at best.

  4. If Cory Joseph defense is as good as advertised, that is his best shot of getting more playing time under Pop’s watch. As far as filling in for George Hill, I don’t think he can do it on his own.

    If he can play well, that will be a huge boost off the Spurs’ bench.

  5. Just got to say that I see Coach Pop using a different philosophy this year. We still don’t know what the FO has in place after the CBA. Remember the FO knows we need some Big’s and a atheletic SF. Remember how Coach Pop took a chance on TP in his rookie year, I think Coach Pop will do the same here. Don’t be surprise how good this CJ will be, I think he is already ready. I like GH for everything he did, but I think will all be happy that trade happen in draft day. “Just remember 2011 will be a DRAFT/TRADE/FREE AGENT year to remember.” I can see 15 deep and everybody fighting for minutes.

    • Joe Perez,
      I do hope you are right about Cory, he turns out to be pleasant surprise ala Gary Neal last season, that will be great for the Spurs.

      Thanks for the comments and reads everyone.

  6. Robby Lim,
    Remember, there was an article post out there about a month ago, “This Year, cause there won’t be a Next Year.” Great post, just be patient and don’t lose hope cause if you know your SAS FO they have problaly computed in their brains it’s Now or Never. I’am pretty sure the FO will stop wasting picks, and stop gambling on injury players you seldom use in games. The answer is not to qiuck patch a tire when you can purchase a new tire, if you know what mean.

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