Raptors considering Lindsey for GM job

For the third straight summer, San Antonio Spurs vice president and assistant General Manager Dennis Lindsey’s name is being mentioned as a GM candidate.

Spurs' Lindsey has been a hot commodity for the past three seasons.

This time, the Toronto Raptors are reportedly interested in the services of Lindsey.

While Bryan Colangelo currently serves in a dual role as team president and GM, Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski says Colangelo could be interested in giving up the title for the right candidate.

Former New Orleans Hornets GM Jeff Bower, Philadelphia 76ers GM Ed Stefanski and San Antonio assistant GM Dennis Lindsey are three focuses of the franchise to work under Toronto president Bryan Colangelo, sources said.

No formal interviews have been conducted, sources said, but Colangelo has started the process of getting permission from teams to talk to candidates. It may not be until August that Colangelo starts formal interviews for the job.

This isn’t the first time Lindsey has been offered a GM job. He was considered the top candidate for vacancies by the Minnesota Timberwolves, Phoenix Suns and Atlanta Hawks, but turned down all three offers.

Could Lindsey, who replaced Sam Presti when he took the GM job with Seattle after the 2006-07 campaign, be the next Spurs alumnus to take over another front office or coaching position outside of San Antonio?

The Spurs have a long line of former assistants currently coaching for other teams throughout the league that includes Mario Elie, Mike Brown, and Monty Williams among others.

Mike Budenholzer and Don Newman’s names are also mentioned recently on other team’s wish lists, but both have chosen to remain with the Spurs regardless of several other opportunities.

Will Lindsey finally accept this opportunity from the Raptors? That’s too early to tell.

But this only mean one thing, other teams have high respect for the Spurs as an NBA franchise and organization.

5 thoughts on “Raptors considering Lindsey for GM job

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  2. I believe Lindsey will stay with the Spurs, that Raptors job is not appealing enough to make him leave San Antonio.

  3. Well put Robby, there is a reason why other teams kept targetting Spurs personnels they know these guys are well trained and are great at what they do. I certainly hope that Lindsey stays with the Spurs.

  4. Hate to point this out Robby, but this looks like almost a complete copy of my post on Lindsey with a few sentences taking out and a different intro and ending paragraph.


    I don’t mind people using my work as long as I’m given proper credit and a link. I know from time to time you’ll blockquote other stories and source them, but this had neither.

    • Mike,
      Thanks for bringing this to my attention, one thing is certain we both cited similar sources Adrian Wojnarowski’s report.

      It was never my intention to copy other’s work and post them without proper citation. This must be an oversight on my part.

      Thanks for the read.

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