Franchise mode: Trade Parker, Splitter for Paul?

In this edition of ESPN’s 5-on-5 roundtable, the panel of writers were asked this question.

Spurs' Tony Parker and Tiago Splitter

Franchise mode: What’s the first big trade you would make?

Zach Harper of Daily Dime Live responded:

Paul to the Spurs for Parker. (See the deal)

I think I could trick the digital Hornets with a trade of Tony Parker, Tiago Splitter and James Anderson for Chris Paul.

It would allow me to run out a trio of Duncan, Ginobili and Paul for the next two years, and then give R.C. Buford and Gregg Popovich the pleasure and opportunity of building with CP3 as the centerpiece.

Chris Paul is one of the best pure point guards in the NBA today and it would be great to pair him with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

However, Parker’s speed and ability to knife into the lane has helped the Spurs to win three NBA titles and is one of the most popular players in San Antonio.

Splitter and Anderson on the other hand, are young players that could be important pieces of the Spurs’ future.

Tiago is one of the Spurs’ better big man, who has the potential to be great role player in the NBA for years to come. While Anderson is a young wingman that has shown good shooting touch and modest defense in the few games he played during his rookie year.

Both players were expected to contribute for the Spurs last season, but their rookie season were disrupted because of significant injuries.

If you are the Spurs would you consider trading Parker, Splitter and Anderson for Chris Paul? Share us your thoughts.



9 thoughts on “Franchise mode: Trade Parker, Splitter for Paul?

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  2. This is not the first time that Parker’s name was mentioned in a possible trade for Chris Paul. I’m a little cautious of giving up one All Star caliber player and two young players with strong potential for one All Star.

    Paul is great, but giving up Parker, Splitter and Anderson might be too much to get him.

  3. Either Zach Harper is kidding or he is a Hornets fan. Chris Paul is a great ball player but giving up Parker, Tiago and Anderson for him? I don’t think so.

    It should be modified, TP + Bonner + draft pick for CP3 makes more sense to me.

    • Tiago is the key that would the Hornets to pull the trigger on that deal. Giving up Anderson is too much loss, and we’ll hold on to Mcdyess.

      • I agree, but I wouldn’t give up Parker and Splitter for Chris Paul even if most people think he is the best point guard in the NBA.

        I say we add one or two more quality bigs and a veteran point guard behind Parker then the Spurs are set for the next season whenever it starts.

        Thanks for the comment and read.

  4. I’d trade for Chris Paul + draft pick with Tony Parker and Antonio McDyess expiring contract. I will give the Spurs a better point guard and the Hornets an All Star point guard and some cap space.

  5. Beening waiting for some action now since the NFL is almost done with there CBA. Ugly rumor. Hornet’s just problaly want to see some reaction. Now we know what they are thinking and looking for. One for Three = bad, one for one (TP, number #1 draft choice 2012, maybe = CP3), but other wise NO. Both TP and CP3 have different game styles, both would fit the SAS system, However; I like the style of game we play with TP because his game is much more better rounded. I do agree with Ben, and Jason but with a third trading partner, good ideas guys. Just got to wait and see if we can get a BIG and SF somewhere in these type of scenarios because that should be the FO FIRST PRIORTY.

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