Can you imagine Duncan or Ginobili on another team?

With the NBA currently in a  lockout, there are no summer league to write on, no trades to talk about, or injuries to report on, Adam Fromal of the Bleacher Report made a list of 10 NBA players that we may not see in a new NBA jerseys.

It will be very hard for any Spurs fan to imagine Duncan or Ginobili in another uniform.

San Antonio Spurs’ Duncan and Ginobili made the list.

Tim Duncan

Maybe it’s just that Tim Duncan’s quiet and unassuming personality seems to fit perfectly with the rather-nondescript black and gray uniforms that belong to the San Antonio organization, but whatever the reason, Duncan just seems like a Spur.

The big man from Wake Forest was drafted by the top-tier franchise back in 1997 when the Spurs decided to spend the top overall pick on him.

Ever since that moment, Duncan has been a contributing member of the team and has never complained once. Well, I guess it would be tough to complain while a member of a contender, which the Spurs have been seemingly every single year.

After winning two MVP awards and four championships, Duncan has gone through a dry spell, but still recently chose not to opt out of the final year of his contract.

 Manu Ginobili

The second San Antonio Spur on this list, Manu Ginobili was drafted by the Spurs back in 1999. Amazingly enough, San Antonio stole Ginobili with the 57th pick of that draft, taking him only one selection before the draft ended.

Since that moment, I don’t think that the Argentinian shooting guard has ever complained about being a part of that team. After all, he has managed to win three titles, make two All-Star teams and win a Sixth Man of the Year award while wearing a San Antonio uniform.

At this point, it’s just really hard to think about Ginobili ever putting on another jersey. I seriously doubt it will ever happen.

It is not surprising to see both players on the list. Needless to say, the Spurs are one of the most top-notch organizations in the league and certainly know how to take care of their key players.

I believe it’s safe to say that most Spurs fans will agree that Duncan and Ginobili has to remain a Spur until they both retire.

However, are there any other Spur you can’t imagine playing for another team?

Tony Parker perhaps? Share us your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Can you imagine Duncan or Ginobili on another team?

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  2. Duncan and Ginobili are the heart and soul of the Spurs so there is no way I see them playing for another NBA franchise.

  3. Add Tony Parker to this list. Parker might be the target of trade rumors but that is because he is the Spurs’ most tradeable asset.

    But like Manu and Duncan, he helped the Spurs to win three titles so he should retire as a Spur as well.

  4. Duncan, Manu or Parker playing for another NBA team? Not in a Million years. These players deserves so much from San Antonio and the Spurs organization.

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