Duncan ranked as second best player of the decade

The NBA has seen its fair share of great players come and go over the past 10 years, but who are the best of the best?

Adam Fromal of the Bleacher Report ranked 50 players that he thinks are the best that the highest level of professional basketball has had to offer over the last decade.

It’s not surprising that three Spurs players made it to the list.

#2 Tim Duncan

10-time All-Star

Nine-time All-NBA

Nine-time All-Defensive

Two-time MVP

Three-time NBA Champion

Even though he has no personality and plays a very boring brand of basketball, Tim Duncan is greatness personified at the power forward position.

His consistency is absolutely staggering, as is the fact that he’s helped engineer three title runs in the past 10 years.

If he hadn’t been but a shell of his old self during this last season, Duncan may have challenged for the No. 1 spot.

#15 Manu Ginobili

Two-time All-Star

Two-time All-NBA

One-time Sixth Man of the Year

Three-time NBA Champion

He may not have the stats or accolades that some of the other players around him in these rankings do, but he has the rings.

Additionally, Manu Ginobili is a fantastic teammate and a true winner, one who is willing to do all the small things.

#26 Tony Parker

Three-time All-Star

One-time All-NBA

Three-time NBA Champion

A three-time NBA Champion with the San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker has consistently been one of the league’s better point guards for nine of the 10 years included in these rankings.

While he hasn’t ever been the absolute best, his consistency makes up for his lack of true eliteness.

There you have it, all members of the Spurs ‘Big Three ‘ made it to the top 50 which appears to be an accurate list.

However, do you agree with how the players are ranked? Do you think Parker or Ginobili deserves to be higher on the list? Voice out your opinions at the comment section.


5 thoughts on “Duncan ranked as second best player of the decade

  1. It’s an OK list from BR.

    Duncan is rightfully placed at number 2. But Garnett at number 3? please?!? Also Parker deserve a higher ranking, he could have easily made #23 (which was taken by Jermaine O’Neal?) and take his place right behind Chris Paul and if you consider his number of rings, Parker should made the top 15 easy.

  2. I could argue for Duncan being number 1, but I think Kobe deserves it. My problem with this list is because Manu and Tony were ranked too low.

    Ranking Amare’ and Dwight Howard ahead of Manu is a joke and ranking Jermaine O’Neal and Marion in front of Parker is laughable!

    You can do a better list than this Bleacher Report!

  3. In my heart and mind, Duncan is number 1! I also agree that Manu and Parker should be ranked higher. A lot of players ranked ahead of them only won 1 title in the last decade.

  4. If I was being a homer, I’d say Duncan should be number 1. He is my favorite Spur after all.

    But I think Kobe gets the nod here, although I agree with most of you. Manu and Parker should have been ranked higher on this list.

    Thanks everyone for the comments and reads.

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