Spurs Brasil Q&A with Adam Hanga

Our friends from Spurs Brasil made this interview (via Pounding the Rock) with the San Antonio Spurs’ 2011 second round draft pick and 59th overall Adam Hanga.

(Photo via Spurs Brasil)

Spurs Brasil has been covering the Spurs for our Portuguese speaking fans and are doing a great job at it.

The Spurs had four picks in the 2011 draft. Naturally, the 59th – second to last of all the draft – was the more mysterious one. With this pick, the franchise selected Hungarian shooting-guard Adam Hanga, a 6’7″ 200 pounds swingman.

Just 22 years old, the prospect hasn’t yet played in a big league. But he has just been transferred to Assignia Manresa in Spain, from his previous team, Albacomp-UPC Szekesfehervar, in Hungary

In the domestic league, he was in the spotlight. Last season, he played 39 games and averaged 17.6 points, 4.4 rebounds, 3.4 assists, and 2.8 steals per game. Now, playing in the ACB League – probably the strongest national league on Europe – he will be able to test his skills on a higher level.

In touch with the Assignia Manresa media crew, we managed to talk with Hanga via e-mail. Among other quotes, he revealed that he sees himself with the same kind of role Manu Ginobili plays with the Spurs. He also said that his speed and his power jumps are the strengths of his game, but he has to improve his defense.

Here is a part of the interview:

Spurs Brasil – This looks like a big summer for you. Being drafted by the San Antonio Spurs and transferred to the ACB League to play for the Assignia Manresa. Are you happy with these changes in your career?

Adam Hanga – I’m very happy to play Assignia Manresa next year. I hope to provide all that I can for this club.

Spurs Brasil – ACB League is probably the stronger national league in Europe. Is it a good challenge for you?

Adam Hanga Obviously, play in ACB League is a challenge for me and my career. I know that I’ll improve as a player.

Spurs Brasil – Have you already seen the training facilities of your new team?

Adam Hanga – Yes, I stayed in Manresa two days for my medical revision, and I have to say that the facilities and the technical team are very agreeable.

Spurs Brasil – Playing in the ACB League, you’ll be facing Erazem Lorbek, another Spurs draftee who’s going to play in Europe (he’s a PF for Barcelona). Do you intend to talk to him?

Adam Hanga – Erazem Lorbek is an exceptional player, and I hope to speak with him, play against him and win.

Spurs Brasil – Is it your intention to come to play for the Spurs? In which season are you planning to do this?

Adam Hanga – I don’t know what my future will be, now I’m a player of Assignia Manresa and I’ll try exploit and enjoy this moment.

Spurs Brasil – How do you see yourself fitting in the Gregg Popovich’s team? Are you more a defensive swingman, like Bruce Bowen, or a scorer shooting guard like Manu Ginobili?

Adam Hanga – Gregg Popovich is a very good coach, and of course I’ll see myself playing in his team. I’m more like Manu Ginobili, I have to improve my defense.

Read the original and complete version here in Portuguese.


11 thoughts on “Spurs Brasil Q&A with Adam Hanga

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  2. Hopefully he will be ready to join the Spurs in a year or two, I saw some of his games on you tube and he is athletic but he needs to build more frame and get stronger to be a better finisher and defender he is too thin right now.

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