Video: A look back at Duncan’s Greatest Performances

Tim Duncan had a lot of great individual performances over his NBA career  — from a 53-point career game against the Dallas Mavericks to a triple-double performance against the Golden State Warriors last season, Duncan has certainly done it all.

Today, Spurs World looks back at some of Duncan’s greatest individual game performances in his illustrious NBA career.

Duncan’s excellence may have been understated because the San Antonio Spurs is a small-market team.

Some of his most memorable performances came in the 2003 NBA Finals, during the team’s second championship run when Duncan displayed his all-around game brilliance averaging 24.2 points, 17 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 5.3 blocks and one steal in six games against the New Jersey Nets.

Throughout the series, Duncan exemplified his greatness. But there were two games where he shone the brightest.

Game 1: 2003 NBA Finals

In the opener, he more than delivered.

Going up against two of the better defensive centers at the time in Jason Collins and Dikembe Mutombo, Duncan ripped off 32 points, grabbed 20 rebounds, blocked seven shots, handed out six assists and had three steals and shot 10-for-14 from the free throw line and had only one turnover in 44 minutes of playing time.

Duncan broke open a tie game at the half by scoring 24 of his 32 points after the break, and was only two steals away from the only “five-by-five” in Finals history.

The Spurs went on to win the game, 101-89 to set the tone of the series.

Game 6: 2003 NBA Finals

In the clincher, New Jersey played tough, and did their best to extend the series. The Nets led by as many as 12 points, and held a nine-point lead early in the final quarter.

But the Spurs went on a 19-0 run, sparked by Stephen Jackson’s two 3-pointers off Duncan’s passes.

Video highlights: Game 6 (NBA Finals 2003)

Duncan had a near quadruple-double in that game, scoring 21 points, hauling down 20 rebounds, dishing out 10 assists and swatting eight shot attempts.

The Spurs won 88-77 to win the series 4-2, claim their second NBA championship and gave David Robinson the proper send off as the Admiral retired as a champion.

For sure, there were games that Duncan scored more points, grabbed more rebounds or blocked more shots.

However, these two, are definitely high on the list of his All-time best single-game performances.


11 thoughts on “Video: A look back at Duncan’s Greatest Performances

  1. His Game 6 performance in the 2003 NBA Finals is a masterpiece. Duncan is the greatest PF of all time. Go Spurs Go!

  2. I think his Game 1 performance is better, he scored 32 points and had a better all around game committing just one turnover, in Game 6 he had four turnovers.

  3. I agree, both these games are the best games of the big fundamental, he was close to unstoppable in that series against the Nets. Timmy is the man!

  4. Robby

    There’s been so many highlights throughout Duncan’s career that I for one simply can’t list them all. My own thinking is that once he steps away from the game he’ll be sorely missed ! Here’s to his future enshrinement in the Hall of Fame where he’ll rightly belong .

    I hear that there’s a proposal about to have Yao Ming inducted but without him having to meet the criteria for retired players (link provided) ? It’s an option being sought by a group of international reporters that is being seriously being considered by those within the Hall of Fame . They feel that the player has been a great ambassador for the game and his contributions for raising the sport’s profile in China and in particular the Far East is the primary reason behind this . I for one don’t disagree with that but somehow I think to an extent this may well create a little controversy along the way ! It remains to be seen whether or not those proposing this initiative will ultimately be successful with it .

    tophatal …

      • Joe Perez

        That’s the thing as it sets something of a precedent ! How should they then treat a player like Drazan Petrovic ? A tremendous player whose life cut short in a tragic accident . Had he lived to play a long career in the NBA we’d be talking about him as being the best European player to have played the game rather than the thinking that mantel belong to Dirk Nowitzki .

        I know that the Hall is making this a special dispensary measure which I for one haven’t a problem with ! But at the end of the day it’s something appropriate given the circumstances !

        tophatal ………..

  5. Agree, Yes, definitely two of Timmy’s greats games ever. I think that series define his career. A total anihilator during that series, maybe it was just me but for some reason I felt they NJ was matching us pretty even, it felt to me like a do or die series that could have gone either way. But I remember Mr. Robinson saying something like quote “I’am not letting it go to a game seven”. Great look back Robby.

  6. First of all, I want to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts in most of the articles here on Spurs World.

    The Man, It’s good to see another first time commenter on the site keep coming back! Indeed, These are “2 of the greatest NBA Finals performances of All-time” Thanks!

    Tophatal, I agree with what you mentioned about Tim Duncan and once he calls it quits he is a sure-fire Hall of Famer.

    About the International players, that proposal will definite cause some controversies along the way, although I don’t oppose it, I believe the current system of picking HOF is good but needs minor changes.

    If they push thru with it, Joe made a good point here. “I think he should go as a player/ambassador and thats about it”. If this happens some of the selections will be subjective because a very example in Petrovic.

    Thanks for the insights, I truly appreciate it!

    Joe, Thanks for the compliments and for that Robinson quote very nice. People tend to think that the Spurs should beat the Nets easily in that 2003 NBA Finals because they were the superior team.

    In reality, the teams are matched up well and I could argue that the 2003 Nets team is a slightly better offensive team. The 2003 NBA Finals was a grinding series, that required Duncan’s best and he delivered.

    Thanks everyone for the regular reads and comments.

  7. Robby

    There has to be some special dispensation given with regard to Yao Ming but I believe he ought to be enshrined albeit that this will be a special case. But it does such open up a Pandora’s Box . The Hall of Fame isn’t simply about the playing career of the inductees but also the contributions made to the game by all of its members be it on or off the basketball court .

    tophatal ………….

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