Video: Drew Ebanks interviews Spurs’ Cory Joseph

San Antonio Spurs rookie Cory Joseph will join Team Canada on August 13 at Ryerson University which is a part of the team’s preparation for 2011 FIBA Americas Championship in Argentina. It will mark the first time Joseph will be in a Canadian uniform since 2009.

But before that, he played a pickup game on Wednesday in Toronto and had an exclusive interview with Drew Ebanks.

During the interview Joseph talked about playing for the Canadian national team and what it was like to be drafted by a first-class organization like the Spurs.

5 thoughts on “Video: Drew Ebanks interviews Spurs’ Cory Joseph

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  2. Nice interview, now it’s time to see him play with team Canada! We’ll see what he’s really made of! Good luck Cory!

  3. I like Joseph’s attitude, he seems like a great kid, hopefully he plays well for Team Canada and eventually for the Spurs.

    • Likewise, I’m excited to know what he can offer, playing for Canada will help him to be a better player and perhaps make him ready to play in the NBA. I sure the Spurs will be watching.

      Everyone thanks for the comments and reads.

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