Who is better Parker or Rondo?

Because of the lockout, NBA news is rather slow in the past few months.

Since that is the case, most hoop writers and bloggers around the web have made different lists of NBA player rankings to feed the appetite of basketball fanatics.

Who is better: Parker or Rondo? (Photo via The Point Forward)

Among the position frequently ranked was the point guard spot and San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker have made it sixth and seventh on these respective lists.

Curiously, Parker never made it to the Top 5 and were always ranked behind players like Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Deron Williams, Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo.

Zach Lowe of the Point Forward has been counting down the Top 100 NBA players during the last several days and revealed his listings between 30th and 21st with Parker ranked at 26th and Tim Duncan 23rd among the NBA’s top players. (Hat tip to Spurs Nation)

In his list, Lowe made an interesting point of discussion, between Parker and Boston Celtics’ Rondo. He ranked Rondo in 27th placed just behind Parker.

Here’s what he have to say:

“The Rondo/Tony Parker debate raged in my brain for a long, long time before I finally settled on Parker, by the slimmest of margins. But for the next three years? Rondo, in a walk. To win a title next season? That’s a different conversation, and it’s where Parker’s all-around offensive game lifts him to a point where it’s a coin flip.

Rondo is a better defender, and he has the gaudy assist numbers that Parker has never compiled. But Rondo doesn’t have a Manu Ginobili type with whom to split his team’s assists, and Parker is a much better finisher. In short, you can’t ignore Parker the way teams ignore Rondo. Parker can’t shoot three-pointers; Rondo can’t shoot outside of 15 feet, and he struggles even from there, having shot a totally unacceptable 57 percent from the line last season. That low percentage was one reason Rondo got to the line just 1.9 times per game last season, a hard thing to manage for an aggressive point guard playing 37 minutes per game.

The Celtics’ offense would be dead without Rondo. But it is often comatose with him, because of his lack of range. You can tell me he shot 41 percent on long twos last season, and you’d be right. The league average is around 40 percent, but the league isn’t begging average players to shoot from a distance that could barely be called “the outside.” Spacing is a precious thing, and the Celtics have to work extra hard to get it, in part because of Rondo.

Parker isn’t exactly Dale Ellis from the perimeter, but you at least have to guard him. In addition, Rondo wasn’t even in Parker’s league in terms of fast-break efficiency; Parker is the best little-guy, one-man fast break in the league. Rondo wasn’t close to Parker in PER (17.11 compared to Parker’s 20.44), either, but that stat will always underrate Rondo’s defense.

And before you start chirping about rebounding, know that Parker and Rondo averaged the same number of defensive rebounds per game — rebounds Parker was more adept at turning into transition scores.

It’s very, very close, and Rondo’s highs are higher and more exhilarating than Parker’s. Rondo is perhaps the best point guard defender in the league, but point guards can only tilt the game with their defense on the right nights; Parker’s stability wins.”

Lowe’s remaining list (Top 20 NBA players) is expected to be published sometime next week, where Manu Ginobili should be included.

Agree with the rankings? What can you say about the Parker/Rondo debate? Share us your thoughts.


14 thoughts on “Who is better Parker or Rondo?

  1. Parker is better than Rondo by a mile and if we count the titles, Parker is the best PG in the NBA today! Go Parker! Go Spurs Go!

  2. I agree with Zach on this one, Parker is better than Rondo. Parker is more consistent and is more effective than Rondo in most cases.

    I want to see the rest of the list, it is said that Duncan should be ranked lower (than 23?!?) in the NBA today. Bosh ranked better than him! C’mon Zach! If Garnett is ranked ahead of Duncan in his remaining lists. I suspect he is a Boston fan.

  3. Finally, somebody ranked Parker ahead of Rajon “the punk” Rondo. Good list Zach.
    considering Duncan’s numbers last season he maybe ranked to high, but his value to the Spurs is hard to measure he should at least ranked in the top 20 and must be ahead of Kevin Garnett.

  4. My bias aside, I believe Parker is a better player than Rondo. Rondo might be good in defense but he is a poor offensive player.

    Parker on the other hand is great on offense and is an able defender.

  5. Robby

    Do you have to make things so difficult ? C’mon now how ’bout posing a picture of Giselle Bundchen barely clothed next to a pic of Rosie Donnell and posing the question who’d you most desire ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    In all honesty there’s very little to choose between the two ! Granted, TP has more titles collectively . But Rondo much like his Spurs’ counterpart is just as valuable an asset to to his team as Parker is to the Spurs . However what might be pertinent in this all has to be what they provide tangibly in terms of <a href="pts and assists (Rondo second in the league/ Parker 14th amongst guards) per game to their respective teams. In the PRA (pts-rb’s ,assists to ratio [ Parker does have the upper hand]) .

    From my own perspective Parker has a slight edge over the Celtics’ player but not by a great deal !

    tophatal ……

    • I think that will be a good topic for discussion, but this is a San Antonio Spurs blog so I can’t do it…. Maybe I’ll get a little more creative one of these days! Thanks man! I truly appreciate it.

      • Robby

        For God’s sake don’t go down that route and lessen the quality and integrity of your blog ! I doubt your patrons would want to see any type of picture of Rosie O’Donnell fully clothed or naked for that matter .

        Is there no end to the stupidity of David Stern at present ? He’s beginning to make baseball’s Bud Selig seem all the more intelligent and that takes a hell of a lot of doing even drunk or sober !

        tophatal …………….

  6. Alright, you know what TP’s reputation is and what he is capable of 3/0 Championships. On the other hand Rondo is surrounded by the best and is what???? 1/1 on Chips. I will used the word BIAS or BY-partisan or what ever you want, but here’s my point of view: same position, different game styles, stats, championships, manning-up when injured and even cities. I live in a southern city where most northerns have come to work or retire in. There is a lot of BosCel and SAS fans out here and I do listen to BoCel fans point of views, but when this subjest comes up and I express to them TP by far is the best PG in the game today they get outrage. Once they get corner then they refer to how many championships they have, so done feel bad about the facts GUY’s man-up and say it TP. I do view more Cel games over here than SAS so I can go even further if I want to shut them up I just tell them at best in the Western Conference they would be at lease a 4 or 5 seed team, and would’nt make it pass the first round. TONY PARKER by far, lets see where Rondo stands in another 6-7 years from now, and thats giving him more time to accomplish what TP has done in 10 years, I think thats fair. As one of the SAS heart beats TP show up for work even when he is hurting as for his counterpart Rondo does’nt when he gets injured, his teammate and coaches even question that or try to use it a motivational ethic for him to get out there. That what seperates TP from Rondo guts.

    • Joe, I think Parker doesn’t get enough credit because he is overshadowed by playing with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

      Rondo on the other hand also has to play with Boston’s own version of big 3.

      But FWIW, I believe Parker is the better PG right now and will stay that way in 2 or 3 years.

      Rondo is a better defender and passer already, while Parker’s is better on the open floor, a better scorer and finisher.

      Tony gets my nod too!

      Thanks for the regular comments and reads.

  7. Parker is better than Rondo. Rondo is a system guy whose assists get inflated by spot up shots run for Allen or Pierce off numerous picks. Put him in another system (such as the Spurs) and he’s probably a 15 and 7 or 8 guy. Rondo is a great passer but he cannot shoot to save his life. In terms of rebounding, the Celtics have issues in that department anyway so any help they can get, even from their PG, is appreciated. The Spurs have Old Reliable Duncan who is probably the best passer off of a rebound there is in the league so Tony has no reason to hold himself in the backcourt. The bottom line is a rebounding point guard is only good if you’re playing fantasy basketball or have serious rebounding issues.

    Tony Parker is a pure scorer through and through. He can distribute but lacks tremendous passing ability. If you put him on a team with no other stars, he would average 23+ and probably 7 or 8 assists. The team wouldn’t win much probably but Tony would be a star. Tony’s defense is well short of Rondo’s but Tony gets an ok amount of steals.

    I would much rather have Tony on my team now but as the author said, in 2013 that’s another story.

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