Video: A look back at Parker’s 55-point Game

Tony Parker is one of the quickest guards in the NBA today, his dribble drives and ability to knife into the lane and finish with precision has made him one of the deadliest players on the open floor.

When he’s hitting his jumpers, Parker is virtually unstoppable.

Today Spurs World looks back at Parker’s career 55-point performance.

On November 5, 2008, Parker scored a career-high 55 points, including a 20-footer at the buzzer to force a second overtime, in San Antonio’s 129-125 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“I just wanted to win so bad. I was going to try to do everything I can,” said Parker, whose previous best was a 38-point effort in January 2006 at Miami.

“It’s just one of those games. Everything you do, it works. … Obviously, everybody knows if I make my jump shots, I can do whatever I want. Tonight was just one of those games that everything was working.”

After Al Jefferson backed down Tim Duncan and sank a turnaround hook to put Minnesota up 116-114 with 2 1/2 seconds left in the first overtime, Parker took the inbounds pass, dribbled right, pump-faked once and let the ball fly.


He let a sly smile creep across his normally stone face as the Wolves trudged back to the bench.

Al Jefferson, who had 30 points and 14 rebounds, paused to sit on the scorer’s table before play resumed and just shook his head as if to say, “What more can we do?”

Parker scored six of San Antonio’s first eight points in the second overtime to stretch their lead to four, though Randy Foye made a 3-pointer from the corner to cut the lead to one. The Spurs were in perfect position to rebound a pair of missed jumpers, before Parker finally went to the line with 19 seconds left and made it 128-125.

“I saw it in his eyes, man. I could tell, he was in that zone, like they say. He kept his foot on the pedal and just kept going and going and going. When a guy’s like that, who knows?” said then teammate Roger Mason Jr.

Parker was 22-of-36 from the field and added 10 assists and seven rebounds.

That gave Parker the highest scoring output by any individual opponent in the Wolves’ 20-year history and became the first NBA player to have at least 55 points and 10 assists in a single game since Michael Jordan.

Shaquille O’Neal had 53 points for Orlando in a game against Minnesota in 1994.

Jordan had 57 points and 10 assists for Chicago against Washington on Dec. 23, 1992.

“Just an unbelievable effort, especially with the minutes he’s played to continue to push like that,” Tim Duncan said.

Unbelievable indeed. On one night, Parker joined two of the best players to ever play in the NBA in the history books, and carried the Spurs to victory.


9 thoughts on “Video: A look back at Parker’s 55-point Game

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  2. Clearly remembered that game, the Spurs were on 0-3 start and Tony Parker played his hearts out for the Spurs to avoid starting 0-4.

    Pretty impressive game, even if it’s against the Timberwolves.

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  5. I kind of remember this game, great performance from TP, by the way was this the stretch when both Timmy and Manu were out and we could’nt put all Three on the court at the same time till late in the year.

  6. Joe I believe the big three all played in this game, but they are suffering from minor and nagging injuries (especially Manu). This is the game were they started the season 0-3 and in danger of falling 0-4 in franchise history.

    Parker kinda saved the day. Ironically this was also the season were TP suffered a lot of injuries making George Hill the starting PG for the team most of season.

    Thanks for the regular reads and comments.

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