Tony Parker to play in China?

Earlier this month, there have been reports that Los Angeles Lakers super star Kobe Bryant is considering to play in China during the NBA lockout.

Now, according to Yahoo! Sports, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker is also in serious talks to play in China:

“Bryant is the biggest star deep in negotiations with China, but he isn’t alone. San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker has been engaged in serious talks, too, sources tell Yahoo! Sports, but it won’t matter if China lays down legislation that could be crippling to the signing of NBA stars.”

Interesting, but this is contrary to what Parker has said about playing overseas during the lockout.

Parker has said that he would likely play in France preferably for ASVEL should the lockout drags on.

He played four seasons in the French league before coming to the NBA, and is a part owner of the team (ASVEL).

Add the fact that Chinese officials want to derail the prospect of rent-a-players for the lockout, and it means there will be smaller pool of NBA free agents available to sign.

Another thing is, those players will have to commit to playing a full season in the Far East. If the lockout ends, they can’t return to the NBA until the Chinese season ends in mid-March.

If that is the case, the possibility of Parker playing in China would be close to zero percent, because he would definitely ask for an opt-out clause whenever the NBA season resumes.


5 thoughts on “Tony Parker to play in China?

  1. I don’t think Parker will consider playing in China on a long-term basis. If reports are true, I think he will play in France instead of China. Especially if China doesn’t want to sign players that requires an opt-out clause.

  2. Robby

    If the price is right I expect TP to come on down and sign along the dotted line ! That way Eva can still get paid the spousal support she’s claiming . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! What is it with these women ? She had a mediocre career before she met him and now she’s looking to get paid as well for being nothing more than a god-damn leech !

    tophatal …….

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