Former Spur Mason to join Hapoel Jerusalem?

After Maccabi Tel Aviv signed Jordan Farmar, Hapoel Jerusalem is closer than ever to join the group of teams that signed NBA players.

Former Spur Roger Mason Jr. might play for Hapoel Jerusalem during the lockout.

Former Spur Roger Mason Jr. is most likely to play this season in Israel.

Mason who left Jerusalem in 2005 to play in the NBA, is now likely to return the favor.

“Hapoel knows where I stand, what the situation is and what my financial expectations are, there is more to it than just the money for us to reach a deal.” Mason told Eurobasket.

The Virginia graduate had his best NBA career season in 2008-09 while playing for the San Antonio Spurs.

He averaged 11.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 82 games for the Spurs during that span.

Last season with the New York Knicks, Mason averaged 2.9 points and 1.7 rebounds in 26 regular season games.

He is discussing a deal with Jerusalem, but is interested in the contract having an opt-out clause.

“I haven’t spoken with my agent today and I’m not aware of any agreement being officially made. Any deal that will be signed will include an NBA out.”


8 thoughts on “Former Spur Mason to join Hapoel Jerusalem?

  1. good decision from Mason, he hasn’t played much last season and can prove himself if he can play great basketball overseas.

  2. Robby

    At one time it was …… “go West young man and make your fortune” . Now in the NBA it’s head East to Europe and farther afield . Guys now can make a minimum of seven figures with ease and in some cases pay minimal tax on those earnings if they know what they’re doing .

    Kudos to Mason if the chance is there to make more money and at the same time hone his craft .

    tophatal …………….

    • I couldn’t agree with you more my friend. I mean Chris Quinn has headed to Russia for 1M in one season and Daniel Green might follow suit in Slovenia.

      If Mason like 1.5M or 2M playing in Israel then he must be a genius. Like you said, honing his skills while making more money.

      • Robby

        Here’s the real secret in all of this while the lockout remains in place the players are not covered by the teams’ insurance covering them . So an injury a player them and they’ve got to pay out of their own pocket . If there wasn’t a lockout and player was injured during practice at the team’s facility they’d be covered . Can you imagine what the premiums would be on elite stars such as LBJ , Wade , Kobe , Durant and even Blake Griffin ? So herein lies one of the primary reasons some players are taking the opportunity to play abroad, apart from the money they can earn , that potential employer covers them immediately in terms of insurance .

        $5 million is simply ” chump change” to Deron Williams . I doubt the $16.3 mil’ he pulled down last season is burning a hole in his bank account alongside the money earned from endorsements ! What do you think ?

        tophatal ………….

  3. Right now what I’m thinking about this is that I should have grown a lot taller and earn millions playing basketball like this NBA stars. LOL!

    Kidding aside, you made a good point about this lockout, the attitude of players choosing to play overseas rather than to have a heated debate with David Stern to resume the NBA season ASAP is a bit troubling for an NBA fan.

    Thanks for the regular comments and reads.

    • Robby

      You could also [$$$] earn millions ….. here but it’d mean becoming corrupt and a member of either US Senate or House of Representatives . Your choice ? That place ( Congress ) is about as corrupt as it gets when one considers what goes on there !

      What has Stern got to offer them ( union) to begin with ? He (Stern) , the league hierarchy and the team owners have been capricious in their spending causing the financial mess within the NBA as a whole !

      Sooner or later owners such as Dan Gilbert (Cavaliers) , Joe Lacob and Peter Guber (of the Warriors) will rally against Stern because in their team purchases much of the financing was in the form of loans to facilitate those acquisitions . And even with interest rates being low , one has to consider that both teams haven’t been as financially profitable as some might believe . So it stands to reason that these owners in particular would want to see a quick end to this whole spectacle so that they can go about the business of making money with their brand .

      I still believe that Lacob overpaid for the Warriors ! But ergo , the NBA is …… a damn joke as to its perceived ” value” of the franchises .

      tophatal ……..

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