Spurs looking for point guard depth: How about Barea?

The NBA lockout is still in full effect, and it looks like it isn’t going to be resolved soon, but that shouldn’t stop us from planning ahead and thinking on what the San Antonio Spurs can do to improve their current roster.

With George Hill being traded, and Chris Quinn signing with a Russian team, the Spurs are now thin on point guard rotation.

Don’t get me wrong, Tony Parker remains one of the better point guards in the league and rookie Cory Joseph looks promising, but adding another reliable ball handler wouldn’t hurt either.

With that in mind, how about targeting free agent point guard Juan Jose Barea?

Barea is arguably a crucial part of the Dallas Mavericks’ championship run, as he provided spurts of energy, scoring and forced defenses to adjust when he penetrated the lane at will on his off the bench role.

He is young enough to bring a fresh burst of energy to the aging Spurs roster, and would fit right in with Gary Neal and James Anderson as the team’s spark plugs of the bench.

Also, it would be like hitting  two birds with one stone, as San Antonio would improve their lineup while striking a major blow to one of their rival teams in the NBA.

In 315 career games, Barea is averaging 7.1 points and 2.9 assists. Last season he averaged 9.5 points, 3.9 assists and 2.0 rebounds in 81 regular season games with the Mavericks.

In 21 playoff appearance Barea averaged 8.9 points, 3.4 assists and 1.9 rebounds, in helping the Mavericks to win their NBA title in franchise history.

Sounds like a plan right? What do you guys think? Should the Spurs go after Barea once the NBA season resume?


11 thoughts on “Spurs looking for point guard depth: How about Barea?

    • David Parra, First of all welcome here at Spurs World! And thanks for your comment and read.

      I like Barea because of his energy and ability to get under people’s skin. We will not get him as a starting point guard, but for a third string PG or a situational sub don’t you think he’d do great? If you watched the 2010-11 NBA Finals you’ll know what I mean.

      But I respect your opinion and once again, thanks!

  1. Barea brings energy off the bench and is pesky on defense, I believe the Spurs should try to get him. Also, the Spurs must add another big man.

  2. I’m not too impressed with Barea’s skill set but he is quick and can score. I thinks he will be good addition to the roster plus this will hurt the Mavs. Good thinking! But it should be for the right price paying him for 3M or more is too much.

  3. Robby Lim
    Good evening guys, yes it me again as much as i like to keep it simple NO. For the above reasons already given: a) to weaken the Mav’s PG rotation, b) screw the Mav’s, c) he is not a play maker, he has to work to create his own shots, d) yes, he brings energy, quickness, and is a pesky defender and gets under people skin. However; he is not SPEEDY CLAXTON, thats why. The only reason it work for the Mav’s is they always had Three bigs on the floor 7’0 plus. Now on the other hand if we had Three bigs on the floor 7’0 plus the answer would still be No, then why would we need him. We still have to play the LAL, MEM etc…. No, if the Mav’s wont pick him up because of what he is asking someone else will.

    • Good points Joe, but by just screwing the Mavs and adding an energy guy of the Spurs’ bench, I think Barea would be a great addition, but as Mark Mendez mentioned, I’d take him for the right price.

      • SpursFanHenry
        I had all day to diggest and think about this question, would adding a PG like Barea be a good fit for the team. Still can come up with a good reason too even take him for the right price. Don’t get me wrong, JJ Barea is good but come playoff time I don’t want his size to become a liability when we have to play half-court pick and roll games. I know you heard this term before “SIZE DOES MATTER”. and then he would only playing certain games/series if at all. Don’t want dead weight on the bench because we just needed insurance. Thanks SFH.

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