DeJuan Blair receiving offers from European teams?

According to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, San Antonio Spurs’ forward DeJuan Blair has received month-by-month offers from European teams.

As reported here on Spurs World, several players on the Spurs 2010-11 roster have gone overseas to play basketball during the lockout. Chris Quinn was the first to go, when he signed a one year deal with BC Khimki Moscow.

Danny Green followed suit, and has confirmed he would play in Slovenia but would have the option to return to the NBA when the season resumes.

Steve Novak also indicated that he will likely accept offers to play in Spain or Russia during the lockout.

Will Blair accept an offer to possibly play in Europe?

If he does, he will be the first Spurs player under contract to do so.

With the NBA season facing a lot of uncertainties, it is normal for NBA players to entertain offers overseas for them to get some extra pay and at the same time play the game that they love.

However, since Blair is under contract, he might need to get insurance similar to what Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Tiago Splitter had before they were allowed to play for their respective national teams.

In 163 career games, Blair is averaging 8.0 points and 6.7 rebounds in 19.8 minutes per game. Last season, he averaged 8.3 points, 7.0 rebounds and one assist in 81 regular season games with the Spurs.


6 thoughts on “DeJuan Blair receiving offers from European teams?

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  2. This is not surprising, Blair’s talent level is great despite his lack of height. His nose for the rebound and energy are his best assets. But I do hope he doesn’t play overseas, wait a little more the NBA season may finally resume.

  3. Oh! No! Don’t do it Blair! Rest well, do some workouts to polish your skills and wait for the NBA season to resume! I don’t want you to get injured playing for some teams overseas.

  4. If an insurance could be worked out to allow him play overseas, I don’t see why Blair wouldn’t accept any offer, especially if the contract includes an opt out clause to return to the NBA by the time the season resumes.

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