Spurs’ Davis Bertans named to Latvian national team 12-man roster

Davis Bertans will join the Latvian national team when the team plays at the 2011 EuroBasket.

Spurs Davis Bertans was named to Latvia's final roster.

Bertans, whose draft rights were acquired by the San Antonio Spurs in the draft day trade for George Hill, has made significant progress over the summer.

He played well for the Latvian U-19 squad, and despite not seeing much playing time in the last couple of friendly games against Georgia, he is now included in Latvia’s senior men’s national team.

Latvia head coach Ainars Bagatskis has trimmed his squad to the required 12 players for the EuroBasket.

Bagatskis, whose team will take on Italy, Serbia, France, Germany and Israel in Group B, praised all those who had been involved in the workouts but nevertheless had to release two men fighting for spots.

Shooting guard Mareks Jurevicus is being taken to Lithuania instead of Akselis Vairogs and big man Lauris Blaus has had to miss out with Bagatskis and his coaching staff choosing to take Martins Meiers and Andrejs Selakovs.

“Deciding on the squad composition was very difficult,” Bagatskis said.

“All the players worked from the heart, all tried and could also help us.”

“However, my thoughts on the last two players to go coincided with my colleagues’ views.”

The team’s decisions were made after Latvia’s 84-73 victory over Georgia in the second friendly between the teams.

 “Of course, after six losses, to win is nice,” Bagatskis said.

“I hope that this result strengthens the players’ self-confidence and helps us to play even better.”

Joining Davis Bertans in the Latvian national squad are Janis Blums, Dairis Bertans, Edgars Jeromanovs, Janis Strelnieks, Mareks Jurevicus, Rihards Kuksiks, Mareks Mejeris, Arturs Berzins, Rolands Freimanis, Andrejs Seļakovs and Martins Meiers.


6 thoughts on “Spurs’ Davis Bertans named to Latvian national team 12-man roster

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  2. Good to know Bertans made the team, this will give the Spurs more time what are his potentials are and what areas he needs to improve.

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