Kawhi Leonard to play at “Jimmer’s All-Stars”

The NBA lockout has kept players from using their team’s training facilities and play some organized basketball in an NBA summer league, but they can’t keep the players from being resourceful.

Spurs Kawhi Leonard is set to participate in a couple of summer league events in September.

A few days ago, San Antonio Spurs Gary Neal played in a Pro-Am summer league. And just recently, Impact Basketball will apparently launch their own league some time in September stocked with NBA-level players.

This time, another set of games are being worked upon in the “Jimmer’s All-Stars”.

According to Dimemag.com, the “Jimmer’s All-Stars” will consists of two exhibition games — one at the Maverik Center in SLC on Sept. 21 and the other at BYU’s Marriott Center in Provo on Sept. 22.

“I’m really looking forward to making my debut as a professional in front of the fans who have so passionately supported me during my time at BYU,” says Fredette. “This will be a fun opportunity to bring some other NBA draftees to Utah for the chance to play competitive basketball. I hope the community gets as excited for these games as I am.”

Some of the players believed to be participating in game includes, San Antonio Spurs Kawhi Leonard, Kings rookies Tyler Honeycutt and Isaiah Thomas, and Kemba Walker.

Coaching the teams will be BYU’s Dave Rose and San Diego State’s Steve Fisher.

The complete rosters for both teams will be announced in September.


5 thoughts on “Kawhi Leonard to play at “Jimmer’s All-Stars”

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  2. It’s Leonard’s turn to shine! Even if it’s just an exhibition game, I still wanna know how will Kawhi compete against some NBA players.

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