Blair considering offer from Russia, Parker to play for ASVEL

As reported by Spurs Nation, San Antonio Spurs’ DeJuan Blair is considering the offer of the Russian team Krasnye Krylya Samara and could take his talents overseas during the NBA lockout.

Spurs' DeJuan Blair and Tony Parker might opt to play overseas during the NBA lockout.

Blair’s agent, Happy Walters, said Wednesday.

All it is awaiting is Blair’s signature.

“If he signs it, then he’ll go, the ball’s in our court.”

Also, according to the French publication Le Progres, Spurs’ star point guard Tony Parker will join ASVEL, the French League team he co-owns, by mid-October if the lockout is still in progress.

Like all players with existing NBA contracts who aim to spend the lockout abroad, Blair’s deal in Russia would contain an out clause allowing him to return to the Spurs once the labor impasse is resolved.

Blair, 22, is under contract with the Spurs for the next two seasons at a total of $2.04 million, though only $500,000 of that figure is guaranteed. Blair would obtain insurance protecting his NBA contract against injury should he decide to play overseas, his agent said.

Walters said he expects Blair’s decision to come before the end of the week. If he accepts, Blair would leave for Samara — the sixth-largest city in Russia and Krasnye Krylya’s home base — next week.

Blair averaged a career-best 8.3 points and seven rebounds in his second year with the Spurs but relinquished his starting job to Antonio McDyess late in the season, as coach Gregg Popovich chose to favor experience heading into the playoffs.

With the NBA locked out, and few other good options to play professional-level games, Walters views Russia as a good career-building move for Blair.

“He’s a young guy who wants to play,” Walters said. “It’s a way for him to stay in great shape, and at the same time get better. You’re not going to play 30 minutes a night and not get better.”


8 thoughts on “Blair considering offer from Russia, Parker to play for ASVEL

  1. There is always the risk of getting injured but these guys are professionals and could use some competitive basketball while the lockout is still in place.

  2. I know this a great way to earn money and at the same time stay in basketball shape.

    But I’m a little bit bothered about Blair playing overseas because I think he is too young for sudden change of culture playing in foreign country.

    Not worried about Parker because if he does play, it will be in France.

  3. DeJuan Blair is a “Beast” of a big man, I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. As for Parker this was always his intention but nothing is final with ASVEL so we’ll never know.

      • Robby

        I’m not against the players ” earning” their can of corn ! Things are getting so out of hand with Stern and the league hierarchy that I’m expecting some of the team owners to bail and try reach their own compromise with the union ! I hardly think that Mark Cuban is entirely happy with the way the league has handled things so far . And he mightn’t be the only owner who currently feels that way .

        tophatal ……..

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