Splitter, Brazil thumped Panama; marched to second win in quarter finals

After trashing Uruguay at the FIBA Americas quarter finals opener, Tiago Splitter and Team Brazil went to work early against Panama to claim their second straight victory in the quarter final round.

Tiago Splitter and Team Brazil are 2-0 in the FIBA Americas quarter final round.

Brazil built a seven point lead after the opening period and then stretch their advantage to 44-28 over Panama at the break.

At the start of the second half, the Brazilians kept the pressure beating Panama in the third quarter, 26-18 and entered the fourth quarter with a 70-46 lead.

Panama were simply overmatched in the game and ended up losing 65-90 against Brazil.

With the game already in the bag early, and perhaps in preparation for the game against Argentina,  Brazil’s head coach Ruben Magnano decided to watch the minutes of his starters and were able field in all his players in the game.

Point guard Marcelo Huertas is the only starter to play more than 20 minutes for Brazil, the rest just saw at least 17 minutes of playing time.

Guilherme Giovannoni led Brazil with 17 points, while Splitter had three points, three rebounds, three assists, one steal and one block in 17 minutes of action.

Danilo Pinnock had a game-high 20 points for Panama.

Splitter and Team Brazil will have a tough test tomorrow as they go up against Spurs teammate Manu Ginobili and Argentina at 18:00 (GMT -3) in Mar del Plata.


5 thoughts on “Splitter, Brazil thumped Panama; marched to second win in quarter finals

  1. Brazil vs. Argentina should be a battle, but I believe the Argentines will come out on top. I hope Splitter and Manu bring their A games tomorrow!

  2. Brazil beat two relatively weaker teams (Uruguay and Panama) in the quarter finals. It would take a herculean effort from them to pull an upset against Argentina, but it wouldn’t be impossible.

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