NBA, union to meet again, Holt to represent the league

Officials from the NBA and the players’ union will meet again Wednesday in New York City, according to sources close to the situation.

San Antonio Spurs owner, Peter Holt will be one of the league representatives on Wednesdays' meeting about the NBA lockout.

The meeting will be only the third since the league locked out its players on July 1.

But if Wednesday’s meeting is productive, sources said the sides are expected to pick up the pace and come together again Thursday and perhaps Friday.

The meeting will include only a handful of representatives from each side, as was the case last week when the parties met for six hours.

Commissioner David Stern, deputy commissioner Adam Silver and San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt, the chairman of the owners’ labor relations committee, will represent the league. Union director Billy Hunter, counsel Ron Klempner and president Derek Fisher will attend for the players.

While the gulf between the two sides remains huge, sources say the tone of last week’s meeting was productive and provided at least a small degree of optimism that the season could be salvaged. With roughly two weeks remaining before training camps would have to be canceled, the sense of urgency to get a deal done has picked up on both sides.

 (Source: ESPN)


6 thoughts on “NBA, union to meet again, Holt to represent the league

  1. The lockout is taking to long, please Mr. Holt convince Stern and the players to have a resolution to end the lockout as soon as possible.

  2. Sad to say but this NBA lockout isn’t going to end soon, one of the sides has to give in.

    The main question is, do these people really care enough for the NBA and basketball fans and actually try their best to settle this lockout issue.

  3. It would be huge surprise if this meeting will actually move towards ending the lockout sooner than expected.

    Based on the slow process that David Stern is taking, I don’t think there is a reason to be hopeful. Stern has made a very BAD approach in this lockout situation.

  4. Robby

    It’s about the most sensible thing that the league hierarchy has done thus far ! Stern’s …. pious a_$s has been the main reason for the intransigence that has been shown all along ! But it goes without saying that the union (NBPA) have played their part in this damn mess .

    I don’t really believe that Holt will actually be able to add anything to the current stance as neither side has made any real concessions that would lead the fans to believe they’re heading in the right direction. Instead it still remains a pi$$ing contest between the two sides as they look to write their names in the sand/snow whichever it is that they choose to do that sort of thing in ! The NBA could learn something from their NFL counterparts and the mess that their stoppage has caused !

    tophatal ………..

    • As always, very well put my friend, this NBA lockout is a joke, and It would take more than Peter Holt to resolve the issue.

      Thankfully, there is the EuroBasket and the FIBA Americas to feed my huge appetite for basketball.

      • Robby

        These idiots on both sides of the table profess to be athletes and businessmen . But in reality we’ve yet to see any common sense being shown by either party They have both lost the empathy of the fans in general and I can definitely say this, once the issue is resolved , I seriously doubt that the fans will be attending the games in droves ! Never mind the actual state of the economy at present or for the foreseeable future, as that may well dictate a great deal with regard to the issue overall. Suffice to say , my opinion of league hierarchy and union, ranks alongside that of the federal legislators within both chambers of Congress ! Could it be any lower ? I’ll leave that for you to decide !

        tophatal ………..

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