Manu shares his Olympic experience

After completing their mission of gaining an Olympic berth, and winning the FIBA Americas crown for Team Argentina, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili talked (via about his Olympic experience.

Manu Ginobili and Team Argentina have accomplished their goal, they now eye another shot at Olympic glory in London next year. (Photo via

Ginobili is probably Argentina’s most famous player ever and one of the team’s leader together with Houston Rockets’ Luis Scola.

 “This is one of the best teams I’ve ever played in and the one that makes me more proud to be part of,” said Ginobili, who notched six three-pointers in Argentina’s 81-79 win over Puerto Rico in semifinals.

Ginobili repeated once and again how stressing the semifinal was, but also how happy he was of having achieved a new goal.

“The Olympics are the biggest sporting event in the world. The only fact of living in the Olympic Village is amazing. When you go out for a walk, you see (Usain) Bolt, (Kenenisa) Bekele, the best swimmer in the World.

“You share experiences and listen to all the difficulties an amateur has to overcome, such as a hammer thrower, a javelin thrower, the guy that jumps high and many others.

“You become a better person in the Olympics,” said the guard whose National Team debut was in 1998.

“We are used to living in some kind of unreal bubble, especially those who play in the NBA, with all the luxury. Being in the Olympic Village brings you back to Earth and makes you understand how lucky you are.”

Manu went on talking on his Olympic experiences.

“The Olympics are spectacular, a unique experience. The two times I’ve been to the Village were the best things I’ve ever been through,” said Ginobili.

Manu will have the chance to win his third consecutive Olympic medal next year, in the 2012 London Games.


3 thoughts on “Manu shares his Olympic experience

  1. This is another reason to admire Manu Ginobili! He is a great basketball player, but more importantly a great person! Go Manu! Go Spurs Go!

  2. Manu is one of the fiercest guy in basketball but at the same time, he’s a role model off the court, much like Tim Duncan.

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