Splitter thinks about playing in Brazil during lockout

Spurs' Tiago Splitter is considering to play in Brazil during the NBA lockout.

After playing in the Olympic qualifying tournament in Mar del Plata and earning an Olympic berth for his home country, Brazil in the 2012 London Olympics, San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter is apparently studying proposals from few ballclubs and thinks about the possibility of returning to play in Brazil during the NBA lockout, according to the Portuguese website veja.abril.com.br.

“I think it is a good option for me and for basketball in Brazil. I’d rather play than standing still and doing nothing. If you have the opportunity to play in Brazil and all goes well, why not? ” Splitter said.

After getting the services of Leandro Barbosa of the Toronto Raptors, Flamengo has also presented a proposal to Splitter, Brasilia Pine did the same.

Some clubs in Europe are also interested in having Splitter, who had success in Spain.

“I received some proposals and I want to make that decision with equanimity. I have time to go now and will decide what to do ” said Splitter.

Tiago drew a laugh when he responded which the team closest to hire him, and said ‘Spurs.

When asked about the status of basketball in Brazil, the Spurs forward had a more serious tone.

“Brazil has an enormous condition of being a world power and I hope that this step will help in the growth of basketball. Sometimes they want the sport to grow things improving in the adult, but the ideal is to evolve on the basis that the kids start playing, we have more small schools. This will make us a powerhouse, ” he said.

“To speed up the strengthening of the sport, a satisfactory performance in London 2012 is essential” says Splitter.

“It is a showcase of world sport, and everybody came to play this tournament and make a difference. The new generation needs models to look up to, a Brazilian national team, and we hope to do it” added Splitter.


5 thoughts on “Splitter thinks about playing in Brazil during lockout

  1. Rest first Tiago and see what happens next, good luck! but I prefer you to rest for a while a be ready for the NBA season (if there is one) Go SpursGo!

  2. Good luck Tiago, whatever is best for you but give that body enough rest before you decide on playing overseas. Great job on making it to the Olympics.

  3. Splitter will be taking a risk if he chooses to play in Brazil during the lockout. He needs to make sure he gets enough rest before he play in another grueling tournament, but I can’t blame him because the NBA lockout is really dragging right now.

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