Should the Spurs consider bringing in De Colo when the lockout is settled?

France national team head coach Vincent Collet has been relying a lot on San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker to run their offense and lead the French offensive attack.

Spurs' draftee Nando De Colo could be a good addition to San Antonio's backcourt rotation.

In their last game prior to the 2011 EuroBasket quarter final round, Collet chose to sit Parker to give his French superstar some much needed rest.

In a recent interview with FIBA, the coach was asked what move will he do in case something happens to Parker (fingers crossed) in the tournament.

He replied:

“So far I have been going to Nando De Colo to replace Tony because he has been doing a good job and I think he is playing better now that he has had some minutes at the point guard position because he likes to run the ball so the position suits him.”

Those are encouraging words for De Colo and should give him more confidence when he plays on the court.

In eight games at Eurobasket, the Spurs draftee is averaging 5.5 points and 2.0 rebounds while shooting 43.9 percent from the field in 16 minutes per game. On top of that he is also a perfect 6-of-6 from the foul line.

Not eye-popping numbers, but its pretty solid considering his primary role is to play backup to Parker.

However, De Colo have some glaring areas in his game that he needs to improve.

He has to take care of the ball a lot better. In eight games, he managed to dish out just six assists while committing a total of 12 turnovers.

Also, De Colo needs to sharpen his shooting skills from beyond the arc.

His 43.9 percent field goal shooting is respectable, and his 53.3 percent shooting on two-point shots is even more better.

Nonetheless, his 3-point field goal percentage is a woeful 18.2 percent (2-0f-11) in the tournament so far.

In all fairness, these are not De Colo’s career averages but it gave us a glimpse on his habits and how he plays against tough competition.

Having said that, I certainly believe that the French play-maker will become a better player under a system like the Spurs.

With George Hill being traded, and third string point guard Chris Quinn opting to play in Russia, the Spurs have Parker at point guard and little else.

Sure, rookie Cory Joseph gives some promise and could probably turn into a good backup for Tony, but adding another guard in De Colo’s caliber in San Antonio’s backcourt rotation wouldn’t hurt.

What do you guys think? Should the Spurs give De Colo a shot when the NBA lockout is lifted? Share us your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “Should the Spurs consider bringing in De Colo when the lockout is settled?

  1. Robby

    I see no reason why not ! If De Colo can be a productive addition for the team then it undoubtedly benefits the organization overall. I’d hate to think that they could have him sitting on the sidelines and not realize that they have a “real stud” on their hands !

    Is it me but have the T’wolves as such taken a step backwards in the hiring of <a href=";. Rick Adelman as their coach ? Just my thoughts on the matter mind you !

    The real problem with the T’wolves has been the sheer ineptitude team owner Glen Taylor and GM David Kahn ! They’re even funnier than “Laurel & Hardy ” and ” Abbott & Costello ” combined . And those two classical comedy duos were actually performing as a vocation not so in the case of Taylor and Kahn as Wolves’ fans were being led to believe that they’re insightful NBA executives . LOL,LOL !!

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  3. I am not new to blogging and really value your blog. There is much prime subject that peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking you out. Wish you good luck.

  4. tophatal,

    I’m not surprised why the T’Wolves keep on making bad decisions, I think they have a knack for it! hahahaha!


    Bringing in De Colo is a good idea, but can you please give us an idea about his contract situation overseas?

  5. Robby,
    Good to hear from you guys again, it’s been awhile. My answer is bring him on or will be just losing his draft rights sooner or later. I say bring him in and use him or trade him. Robbybloggers, have you guy’s seen that Gordon Hayward video, man I though I was watching Manu. Tophatal, SpursFanHenry blogging brothers I don’t care much or if any about the T-Wolves, thats just part of why the NBA is having this CBA problems> Teams like that hire expensive coaches, players and draft choices that have no business being their and getting huge contracts. There is another story out there that I though was kind of stupid have you guy’s seen one that said that the lowest fifteen teams get to pick twice in the first round, which in turn goes with the hard cap and soft cap money. Tempshadow feel free on this blog man cause brother Robby is very open minded. Thanks Guys.

    • First of all thanks for the continued support on this site. I enjoy talking to fellow Sports fans, Spurs fans or not.

      I must say, in less than five months, this blog has grown tremendously because of readers like you. Tophatal , has been relentless and I love his witty remarks. Joe Perez always have kind words to say, and most of the commenters, like SpursfanHenry has almost always share their thoughts on a particular article.

      Thanks guys! I really do appreciate it! Btw Joe, it would be nice if you can provide me a link to the Gordon Hayward video you are talking about, I haven’t seen it.

  6. Bringing De Colo to San Antonio makes sense because he will be able to familiarize with the Spurs system and continue his backup role to Tony, I say if his contract permits it the Spurs should really consider him to be added in their lineup or at least give him a stint with the Austin Toros.

  7. Guys from my standpoint the NBA hierarchy under Stern has become a joke ! I wouldn’t trust these morons ….. to run a lemonade stand as a fund raising exercise for the Girl Scouts ! They’ve about as much business acumen as is now being shown by the entire US Congress . And when you look at that alleged esteem body’s record as of late you can see how p_ss poor that has been !

    tophatal ……

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