Over/Under: 55 wins for the Spurs next season

Which way are things leaning heading into the 2011-12 season? After breaking down every team in the NBA, ESPN’s 5-on-5 squad takes aim at each league division.

Here’s what they see for the rough-and-tough Southwest, particularly the San Antonio Spurs:

Note: Over means they reach the NBA Finals. Under means they do not reach the West finals. Push means they lose in the West finals.

ESPN writers and contributors think the San Antonio Spurs will take a slide next season.

Rob Peterson, Hardwood Paroxysm: Under. Though, every time I think the Spurs will slide, they prove me wrong. Last season, they proved everyone wrong. I don’t think they have another 55-win campaign in them. No one manages his players’ minutes as well as Gregg Popovich, but not even he can make Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobili young again. They’ve had their time.

Chris Palmer, ESPN The Magazine: Under. I think it’s officially over in San Antonio. The way they got bounced in the first round by Memphis was demoralizing. Age, injuries and now apathy will finally do them in. They may creep to 50 wins but I’m seeing another first-round exit in their very near future, too.

Andrew McNeil, 48 Minutes of Hell: Tough call, I’m going to say under. A lot of things went right for the Spurs last season up until the latter stages of the regular season, and then a lot of things went wrong. The type of players the Spurs want to bring in won’t help them win games in the regular season.

Graydon Gordian, 48 Minutes of Hell: Push. Fifty-five wins sounds about right for a team that, although no longer a contender, will still be formidable. With the Spurs locked into a few big contracts that no one else will want, they have no choice but to make one more title push. They’ll fall short of their goals, but along the way they’ll manage to win 55.

Justin DeFeo, Nets Are Scorching: Under. That slam you heard? That was the sound of the Spurs’ title window closing. With the core of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker getting older by the day, the Spurs are at the tail end of a dynasty.

Given how the Spurs succeeded last season enroute to 61 wins, and then flared out in the first round series against the Memphis Grizzlies, it’s not surprising to see most writers think that San Antonio will not reach the Western Conference Finals next season much less reach 55 regular season wins.

However, I like Gordian’s optimism about the Spurs.

55 wins for me sounds about right, especially if Kawhi Leonard and Cory Joseph pans out as expected, getting to the West finals is a different story, the West became tougher and stronger a year ago while the Spurs got older.

It’s not entirely impossible for the Spurs to win the championship, but the road to another title will be very tough, a lot of things have to be right in San Antonio for them to get it done.

What do you guys think? I’m curious about what you have to say.


7 thoughts on “Over/Under: 55 wins for the Spurs next season

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  2. In a short season we’ll go futher into the playoff with the same core. However; if the season starts right on time SAS might just be at 56/55. Pending on situations such as CBA might dictate, injuries, trades and returning players. I know that no one will take us and Mem lightly anymore. I can just say that we are problaly better prepare then most other teams.

  3. Guys, I might be overly optimistic about the Spurs chances (because I want them to win one more championship badly! Before Duncan calls it quits).

    My mind says Under, but my heart says, the Spurs can give it one more PUSH and perhaps get it done in the end.

    Thanks for the regular comments and reads.

  4. Sad to say, but it looks like the Spurs are going to go Under, I don’t care how many wins they get in the regular season, It doesn’t really matter as long as they can win another championship which is a very tough task to do. I’m just kinda hoping they will pull through. Go SpursGo!

  5. Robby,
    Mark, let’s just say 56/55 wins maybe second in the division, and 3rd or 4th in the conference. Let’s just say we start playing for the best match-up, you know like some teams were throwing games the last two weeks of the season and trying not to make it to obvious. We finally caught on but it was to late. Being on top of the conference was good and bad explain that???????? maybe Memphis would have been eliminated in the first round, and we just kept on moving on cause I didn’t see any other team being a problem. That also left Dallas sitting just in the right seed. I still don’t think the Mav would have won the Chip if it was’nt for that. Let’s give them back a taste of their own medicine if we have too. Think about what I just said and how that can also affect the draft standing for SAS next year. Food for taught.

  6. I’m bullish about the Spurs chances next season, maybe I’m out of my mind, but I going to say OVER! If the Spurs wins another title next season, remember you heard it from me first, — Daniel.

    Go Spurs Go! I BELIEVE!

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