Could Manu and Kobe become teammates in Virtus Bologna?

According to, Claudio Sabatini the owner of Virtus Bologna, talked again to Resto del Carlino, about Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili.

Could Manu and Kobe become teammates in Virtus Bologna?

“I can risk by my own the 50% of the total amount of money needed. For the other half, I need the help of private companies, professional associations and the municipality. We have three opportunities: the arrival of Kobe Bryant, the return of Manu Ginobili and the organization of FIBA World Championship Under 19 in 2013.

If I don’t have the help to cover the other 50% of the cost I am not going forward to negotiate with Kobe Bryant” said Sabatini. As reported by

At this point, nothing is certain. Unless there is confirmation from Ginobili or Bryant this remains a rumor.

However, if Sabatini could somehow raise the money needed to bring over and convince the two NBA stars to Italy it would one of the biggest overseas acquisition during this lockout.

The idea of Bryant and Ginobili playing for the same team should bring fear to opposing teams and joy and excitement for Virtus’ fans.


9 thoughts on “Could Manu and Kobe become teammates in Virtus Bologna?

  1. If this happens, there will be pandemonium in Italy and Sabatini maybe hailed king!

    If it’s only temporary and there is an NBA out, I think Kobe and Manu should give it a try especially if everything is taken care of including insurance.

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  3. Hard to believe this would happen but i looks like, Sabatini is serious about getting both players. I will be great for basketball in Italy, but as a Spurs fan, I hope Ginobili gives his body the rest it needs.

  4. One ball guy’s is not enough for Kobe thats what he will be hire for shoooooot. On the other hand is Manu willing to create and pass and shoot as option 2 when everyone covers KB, it would be interesting to watch.

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