Coach Pop plans to keep going until “juice” is gone

Spurs' Gregg Popovich plans to coach until the "juice" is gone.

In the past, San Antonio Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich has expressed his intentions on leaving the sidelines when his franchise player Tim Duncan retires.

Duncan still have at least two good years left in him, maybe three.

However, it seems like coach Pop is no longer planning on riding the sunset with Duncan by the time the Big Fundamental decides to call it quits.

During an interview with WOAI-TV sports director Don Harris back in June, the Spurs’ head coach refuted some of the hints that have him leave coaching when Timmy retires.

After winning 61 games in the regular season last season — best in the Western Conference — Popovich sounded like he might want to keep coaching for a few more years.

“You do it as long as you go to training camp and the juices are flowing and you get excited about getting it started. And I know I’m like that because I was bouncing off the walls for weeks,” said Popovich,  “So, I’m pretty far away from wanting to sit back and have a pinot noir and watch a Robert Mitchum movie. I’m going to do it until the juice is gone, until there’s no juice.

“For right now. I love it. I’ll never have it better than this, so I’m going to enjoy it while it’s here.”

Popovich is arguably the best coach in the NBA right now. Knowing how enthusiastic he is about coaching at age 62, should put a smile on all Spurs’ fans faces.


14 thoughts on “Coach Pop plans to keep going until “juice” is gone

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  2. SASpur’s have been bless with great coaches such as: Larry Brown, Bob Bass, John Lucas, etc…..However; coach POP has taken it to a Higher Level by winning Championships, POP has set the standards for other Organizations to emulate. His prodogees are well spread out throught out the league as head coaches that are still very LOYAL to the SPURS FAMILY. POP discover the formula for organizations to be founded upon. Once a SASpurs always a Spurs for life.

    • @TonyforLife, some may argue by right now, it looks like Pop is head and shoulders above the other NBA coaches. Riley (if he decides to coach again) and Doc Rivers are distant second in my opinion.

      @tophatal, I agree, I hope by the time coach Pop decides to leave the game he’s still in top form unlike what happened to Jackson. I like your optimism about the Spurs, hopefully they’ll get another title before that guy Duncan retires.

      @Joe Perez, very well said, Pop is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame, btw, have you read the article I wrote about Alvin Roberston?

      Thanks for the comments and read guys!

      • Robby

        I will live and die by what the Spurs achieve on the court !

        It now appears that NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith ( he’s a former senior partner with DC law firm Patton Boggs LLC before becoming the NFL Players’ Association lead executive ) is offering his advice to Fisher and his executive committee as whether or not it’s best for the NBPA (union) to de-certify . In doing so it would lead to the union challenging the NBA hierarchy within the Federal Court System in terms of a litigious stance . NBPA VP Roger Mason has said that any advice proffered by Smith will be looked upon with a great deal of interest given the executive’s vast legal background and his success since his tenure began with t he NFLPA . Needless to say Stern and the owners have to be pi##ed off by this all don’t you think ?

        When will some sanity be brought to bear in this mess ?

        tophatal ……………..

  3. Yes, indeed and I again have to say reading you Alvin Robertson article was better than eating a cuisine it was like having a TEXAS SIZE STEAK with all the sides. Thank you again ROBBY, what next can’t wait????????

    • I’m very flattered to say the least, Thanks! With the FIBA and EuroBasket done, and the NBA lockout still in place, there is no “real” NBA basketball news out there, but i’ll try to comeup with an idea?

      Anything you have in mind? Please Email me at and who knows I might start a feature here similar to a mail bag type of thing, that way the reader/user who suggested the topic gets a mention on the post.

      Again, Thanks!

  4. Flash from the past, shed some lite on Coby Dietrick, or Swen Nater, I believe Nater was the backup for either Kareem or Walton during UCLA’s dinesties or I’am I that old to say I watch them played during the 70’s live. Still my favorite Spur’s player of all time Larry Kenon Physical Forward check mate on Dr. J. Good Nite Guys.

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  6. Tophatal, That has been the Spurs trademark (consistency) Hopefully they’ll carry for the next few years. As for DeMaurice Smith offering some advice for Fisher, I think is a nice gesture but at the same time, it’s another way of saying, “You can do a better job than that buddy” and yeah, this will definitely pi## off David Stern and company.

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